Lazy Knitting Confession: Dum Dum Stitch Holder

Sometimes I’m too lazy to bind off before starting another knitting project.  I’ve been known to leave a nearly finished piece on its needles for months when all I need to do is bind off the final row.  If I happen to need those needles to begin a new project, things can get weird.

Oh, I could just bind off that last row.  Or, I could just use an improvised stitch holder.

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Behold: the height of my laziness induced ingenuity!

Yup… I used the stick of a dum dum sucker to hold four stitches instead of binding them off.  I know I should be ashamed, but I’m too impressed with the dum dum thing.

Are you an impressively lazy crafter?  Tell me your best lazy crafting stories in the comments below.  It would make my day.

Oh, Yarn. You Deceptive Devil.

I’m participating in a craft show in a few weeks and I’m doing a lot of crafting in preparation.  One of the things I’m doing is knitting dishrags and potholders to sell.  This requires plenty of cotton yarn.  That’s why I was insanely excited to find these four HUGE cones of Peaches & Creme yarn in the super cheap clearance yarn aisle a few weeks ago.

yarn, peaches & creme, cone, clearance, discount, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton

Good thing cotton is absorbent, because I drooled a bit.

The only color I truly liked was the yellow, but I didn’t buy this yarn for me.  I bought it so that I could sell the stuff I made with it.  My preferences for yarn color aren’t universal.  Who knows?  Some customers at the craft show might love these colors.

I still thought this yarn was kind of ugly, though.

yarn, peaches & creme, cone, clearance, discount, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton

The colors are darker and more vibrant in person. My photography skills have not improved since the last time I posted crappy pictures on my blog.

The weird purple and green mix just didn’t “do it” for me.  It looked like a really bland Mardi Gras parade in yarn form.  The color name is Pageantry (#1201).  I figured someone would like it, though, so I started knitting a hair kerchief with it.

I kept on knitting, and lo and behold!  It’s beautiful!  Now I like this yarn.  A lot.

yarn, knitting, crafting, peaches & creme, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton, hair kerchief

I kinda pulled this pattern out of my butt. I need to post it sometime because it’s pretty nice.

Somehow, the yarn looked awesome once I started knitting with it.  Who’da thunk it!

So, yeah.  This yarn fooled me.  Has this ever happened to you?

My Rad Ribbed Scarf Pattern Is Finally On Ravelry

My Rad Ribbed Scarf knitting pattern that I posted a few months ago is now on Ravelry!  I finally got off my lazy butt and created its pattern page.  The Ravelry page links back to my original blog post, but now you can add the pattern to your Ravelry queue, rate it, complain about it, post pictures of it, and do all that other fun stuff.  I’m excited to see what ravelers do with my scarf.

Now go forth and queue it up!

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I know sexy when I see it.
(Click picture to go directly to the pattern’s Ravelry page.)

P.S. – If you don’t have a Ravelry account, learn from my mistake and sign up for one already!  It’s really handy for keeping track of your patterns, projects, yarn stash, knitting needles, and crochet hooks.  You have access to thousands of patterns – many of which are free – and their designers, as well as lots of really nice crafters with lots of experience and great advice.

Four in February 2014: FAIL

Welp.  I kind of failed at Four in February this year.  I was successful last year, but I ended up having a lot more stuff to do this year that had nothing to do with video games.  Who knew that I had all this work to do?  Real life sucks sometimes.

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“Hello. Is this real life? This is Katy. Just wanted to let you know that you kinda suck right now.”

February was filled with work, decorating our house, moving furniture, litterbox scooping…  Gaming didn’t fit into that very well.  Anyway, without further ado, here is my fail list for Four in February 2014.

Borderlands 2:  Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Okay, this was more of a Pyrrhic victory than a straight up failure.  This DLC package for Borderlands 2 is the only one of my Four that I beat.  I played through it in a co-op game with Hubbles.  We liked it well enough at first, but some of the missions are so tedious that playing became a real drag.  Der monstrositat frustrated us to the point where we just abandoned the mission entirely.

We died many cheap deaths before we ever even got to the terribly designed final boss – who, by the way, sucked all the remaining fun out of this DLC.  It should be renamed “Cheap Death Magee.”  Borderlands usually has enough character and humor to offset small gameplay issues, but “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt” was sorely lacking in the fun department.  Simply put, I don’t recommend it very highly.

Pokemon X

I just plain suck at beating Pokemon games in a timely fashion.  All I planned to do this month was to beat the last four gym leaders, but I only beat two of them.  Oh, well.  At least my goal made me progress a tiny bit faster than I normally do.  I intend to get the last two badges this month for “More in March.”  More in March is a thing that folks on the Four in February facebook page invented last year for those who didn’t finish their Four in February.  I plan to make good use of it after my terrible performance last month.  That’s two weeks to prepare for each gym.  If I can’t handle that then I have bigger problems than “real life.”

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“You wanna talk real life? You take me to the vet, force medicine into me, and then you make me come home to deal with the fuzzy yellow shitcake back there. Still wanna talk real life?”
Thank you, Speck, for that attitude adjustment.

Breath of Death VII

You know how I said that I was doing well with this one two weeks ago?  Uh, about that…  For no reason whatsoever I suddenly stopped playing it.  This game is so fun.  Why did I start ignoring it?  I must remedy this ASAP.  Unfortunately, I won’t have time to play it for at least a day.  WHYYYYYYYY

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Yup… Still haven’t touched it.  I haven’t even set up my retro gaming station.  I am made of fail.

I am ashamed.  I hope you did better with Four in February than I did.  The only thing left for me to do is cry and play catchup for More in March.

Bedhammer: A Story of Paranoia

It’s been a long time since I blogged about books and that makes me sad.  For this reason, I feel I should tell you the story of my Bedhammer.  Before I explain its connection to books, I want you to take a moment to observe Bedhammer in its natural habitat.

hammer, bedhammer, paranoia, books make me crazy sometimes,

It’s beautiful.

Bedhammer is a simple creature.  It waits on my bedside table every night just in case I need it.  Sometimes it joins me in the office, resting beside my computer.  Why?  Because I read a book, that’s why.  Specifically, this book:, mapping the trail of a crime, book, reader's digest, geographic profiling

(Image from Click image for my affiliate link to this book’s product page.)

I bought it as a Christmas present for my stepdad last year.  His interest in true crime made this book an excellent gift.  Before I wrapped it in a tacky paper grocery bag and stuck it under the Christmas tree, however, I cracked it open.  I randomly flipped to the section on Jeffrey Dahmer and my curiosity got the better of me.

See, Jeffrey Dahmer was caught in 1991.  I was four years old.  As a result, I heard his name a lot as a kid – it’s hard to avoid big news stories about necrophiliac serial killers – but I never understood why.  Over the years I gathered small bits and pieces of the story.  I knew that murder and cannibalism were involved, but I didn’t really know what had happened.  Mapping the Trail of a Crime filled in my knowledge gaps.

The real problems occurred when I kept reading.  It was kind of like reading a scary Stephen King novel, except completely freaking true.  I read about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.  I read about Andrei Chikatilo.  I read about David Berkowitz, Fred and Rose West, Ivan Milat, Richard Trenton Chase, and – scariest of all – Richard Ramirez.

cat, kitty, tortoiseshell, tortie, speck, wildblueyoshi, beautiful, pretty, scar tissue, eye problem

This is not Richard Ramirez.  He scares me a lot so here’s a picture of Speck being beautiful instead. You’re welcome.

The true stories of serial killers scared me and kicked my paranoia into overdrive – which brings me back to Bedhammer.  Bedhammer was born on a night when I felt particularly paranoid.  I had read about Marc Dutroux and Michel Fourniret earlier in the evening, and my imagination got the best of me when Hubbles left the house to run some errands.

I share a tumblr site with my little sister named Creepy Face A Day, and I think my “creepy face” from that night most effectively conveys my state of mind.  I have copied and pasted the post for reference.  (The picture itself is a link to the original post.)

creepyfaceaday, katy bug,, constant vigilance, bedhammer, mapping the trail of a crime

Katy Bug. Thursday, December 19, 2013.

I’ve been reading a book about serial killers, so now I’m sitting in the middle of my house and holding a hammer. You know, just in case Richard Trenton Chase or The Boston Strangler drop by to poop in my bed, strangle me, or drink my blood. Two of these are obviously worse than the other, but involving poop is just adding insult to injury.

Because I felt so on edge, I kept the hammer nearby when I finally went to bed.  I was ready and willing to use it if the need arose.  Over the next few weeks, it stayed on my nightstand or under the bed.  Hubbles kept needing the hammer, though, and it pissed him off that he never could find it.  This despite the fact that I explicitly told him multiple times where I kept the hammer, but I digress.  After I got annoyed with his annoyance, I simply requested that he buy me another hammer for my birthday.

Enter Bedhammer:  my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Yeah. I went there.

My new best friend was perfect.  It was smaller and lighter than Hubbles’ hammer, but I figured I could wield it menacingly enough to defend against a Ted Bundy wannabe.  Since then, we’ve only used Bedhammer on a few nails.  I haven’t had to use it against a serial killer.  I hope I never have to, but it’s there just in case.

hammer, bedhammer, paranoia, books make me crazy sometimes, wildblueyoshi.comIf it weren’t for that book, I wouldn’t have my lovely Bedhammer. I also wouldn’t have obsessively checked all of our locks or become even more afraid of parking lots, but whatever. Good with the bad.

I’m Not The Only One Who Wonders About Pooping in the Hunger Games

If you ended up on my site because you want to know if or how the tributes in the Hunger Games pooped, you are not alone.  I’ve wondered this myself, and as of today, the stupid blog post I wrote about pooping in the arena is the second most viewed post on my site.  Obviously, fans of The Hunger Games desperately need to know how the tributes went potty.

Want proof?  Here are some search terms that brought people to my site today:

search terms, wildblueyoshi, hunger games, pooping, bathroom

That “8 views” looks awfully pitiful. *awkward turtle*

And yesterday:

search terms, wildblueyoshi, hunger games, pooping, bathroom

Six views? Really? I’m starting to feel kind of terrible.

Clearly, I’m not very popular.  Daily views hovering in the single-digits are nothing to brag about.  (I usually do better than that.  Just FYI.)  All the same, I’m surprised that people are so curious about pooping in the Hunger Games.  In a weird way, I’m comforted to know that I’m not alone in this.  I’ve always wondered “How would so-and-so in such-and-such book/movie/video game go to the bathroom?”  In fact, I’ve probably asked that question about every single story that I’ve read, watched, or played.  Thank goodness I’m not the only one.

You weirdos make me feel so much better about myself!

What are some other strange things you’ve wondered about a book, movie, or video game?

Magical Tetris Cup

My sister-in-law, Sarha, likes to give me coffee mugs.  She knows that I’ll use them, so they make for “safe” gifts.  These aren’t just any old mugs, though.  These mugs are awesome.  Did I mention the Ninja Turtles coffee mug she gave me?  No?  It makes coffee taste EVEN BETTER than it already does.

Anyway, she gave me a magical Tetris mug for my birthday.  It’s pretty rad.  Look at it.  LOOK AT IT.

mug, coffee mug, tetris, magical, heat change, i like to drink tea out of this one

Please don’t tell Sarha that I usually drink tea out of it. She probably pictured me drinking coffee out of it, but its size is better suited to the slightly smaller cups of tea that I make. Shhh!

Oh dear, what are those blocks of gray on the mug?  Good question!  Pour a hot beverage into it and voila:  transformation.

mug, coffee mug, tetris, magical, heat change, i like to drink tea out of this one

Now I want tea.

It’s just a heat change mug, so it’s not exactly magical.  All the same, I like to say “Magic!” whenever I pour hot drinks into it.  Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same.

I love how its heat changed image shows the line piece – called an I tetromino – falling into place.  It’s that rare but awesome moment every Tetris player longs for.  However, I think the score and level don’t quite match up.  Level 15 is difficult because the pieces are falling really fast at that point.  Don’t you get more points for making lines at higher levels?  I really think that players would have more than 11,000 points by the time they get to level 15.

Looks like I need to test this.  I need to pull out my old Tetris cartridge and make some lines!  Er, after Four in February is over.  I still have some work to do.  Lots of work

What do you think of my mug?  Didn’t Sarha do a great job?  When it comes to giving gifts, she’s like a real life Leslie Knope.*

*Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec gives great gifts.  This has special significance in regards to this post because Sarha and I both love Parks and Rec.  She and I were Ron and Leslie, respectively, for Halloween a few years ago.

Now I want waffles.  If you watch Parks and Rec you’ll get the reference.

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