My Week – August 17, 2014

I figured I would steal Jenny Lawson’s weekly wrap-up post idea, because why not?  Isn’t that how the internet works?

Okay, the real reason I wanted to do a weekly wrap-up post is that I don’t actually post about all the video games I’ve played, books I’ve read, or projects I’ve crafted (or started and never finished) during any particular week.  I guess it’s less of a “wrap-up” and more like “hey look at all this stupid shit I did.”  I’m gonna use Jenny’s idea, but I’m not gonna gank her format.  I do have some standards, after all.

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“Standards!? Since when?”

Video Games

Hubbles and I beat my favorite Borderlands 2 DLC, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.  Actually, we beat it Monday night just a few hours after finding out about Robin Williams’ death.  I was already heartbroken because I’ve always loved Robin Williams, and the tearjerker moments of Dragon Keep’s final story mission were almost too much.  I straight up cried, y’all.  The campaign has its funny moments – obvious because Tiny Tina! – but it’s also really sad in some ways.  I loved Dragon Keep, though, and I’ll try to write a proper post that’s chock full of my thoughts on it.  I know how everyone loves my thoughts.

In handheld news, I’m still farming berries in Pokémon X.  One of these days I’ll actually do something productive with those extra side quests and the hundreds of unevolved Pokémon I have.  I also returned to Yoshi’s New Island.  I’m not in love with it, but it’ll do.  Predictably, I have some thoughts on it that I will try to write about soon.  (Yes, these thoughts are a little less uptight than those I previously spewed out in “Yoshi Is Weird.”)

Besides that, I still play Clash of Heroes on Xbox 360 way too much.  It’s an RPG and puzzle game all in one.  If there is a video game that yells “Katy!” louder than that, then I must be deaf because I haven’t heard it yet.

I’m also playing The Hunger Games Adventures again.  I don’t understand it, either.


I’m working on a blanket for my niece.  The whole saga is kind of ridiculous, though, and deserves its own post.  In the meantime, here’s what I’ve knit so far.

wildblueysohi,, knitting, knit, yarn, handmade, blanket, baby blanket, green, pink, white

The whole thing is plain old garter stitch. This flimsy, fuzzy yarn doesn’t really allow me to get fancier than that without feeling like I’ll break it or drop a stitch. I actually tried to crochet with it at first, but no. Just no.


Can’t.  My elbow is bothering me again.  This is getting really old.

Other internet stuff I did

As usual, my sister Taylor and I posted our daily creepy faces on the tumblr we share.  My favorite from last week is this one that Taylor took of herself.

creepyfaceaday, creepy face a day, gross, taylor, tate, tater, tater boo boo, selfies, ugly, purposely bad

Taylor titled this one “Gross.” It makes me laugh so hard that it hurts. (Click picture for a link to the original post on

Highlights (both good and weird)

These I shall present to you in bullets so that I don’t feel like I need to make them coherent or connected in any way.  They are unrelated to my usual topics, but I feel the need to inform the world of them for some reason.

    • At dinner the other night, I asked Hubbles if he wanted the last slice of tomato.  He then asked if *I* wanted it, and I told him to just answer the damn question already.  He responded by yelling “Solomon’s baby!” and then slicing the tomato in half so we could share it.
    • Ibsen had his yearly vet checkup and booster shots.  He was so pissed and bitey that the vet tried to muzzle him before giving him his shots.  I didn’t know you could muzzle a cat, but apparently you can.  The muzzle totally covered Ibsen’s face, but he shook it off.  He shook it off.  After much fighting, one injury (to a human), and my unsuccessful attempts to calm Ibsen, the vet and vet assistant had to wrap his front half in a towel and scruff him through the towel in order to give him the shots.  That cat is an evil little shit.  He loves me, though, so that little shit ain’t going nowhere.

      wildblueyoshi,, cat, kitty, ibsen, maine coon, ginger, orange, yellow, tabby, flat

      This cat loves me above every other member of our household, which is weird because Hubbles is the acclaimed cat whisperer.

    • Speck actually had a checkup, too.  She is much older and much wiser than Ibsen.  Thus, she has had time to realize that the “grin and bear it” approach is the way to go with the vet.  She has issues with constipation, so they took x-rays of her abdomen to check for a condition called megacolon.  It is not nearly as awesome as it sounds.  Thankfully she does not have megacolon, but she did have some trapped gas in her gut.  So, the vet used a catheter to help her get it out.  Translation:  The vet stuck a catheter in my cat’s butt to help her poot.
    • I cleaned our bathroom yesterday after MONTHS of neglect.  Scrubbing the grout in the shower completely ruined a toothbrush, yet I still have more cleaning to do.  What has been seen cannot be unseen.  Fun fact:  At first, I accidentally typed “shat” instead of “what” in that last sentence. Sometimes typos are way too appropriate.

And that is how my week went.  I’m obviously leaving out most of the social, political, and entertainment world upsets that have happened in the last week.  This just felt more pleasant.  Anyway, here’s hoping I actually write about all the things I said I’d elaborate on.  Feel free to harass me about my empty promises.

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When Yarn Tails Attack

I hate yarn tails so much.  This is not a well kept secret.  Sewing them into my projects after I’m done is the absolute worst.  When I crochet, I like to crochet right over tails so that I don’t have to fiddle with them later.  But when I knit?  Sigh.  Weaving in yarn tails is pretty much the one thing I hate about knitting and I literally put it off until the last possible second.

I know that I should weave them in as I go along.  At the very least, I should sew them in as soon as I’m done knitting my project instead of letting the whole thing sit around, gathering dust with a bunch of tails flapping in the breeze.  That way, I wouldn’t have a bunch of potholders – each of which is made with two strands of yarn held together, meaning twice the number of tails – and dishrags to finish one day before I try to sell them in an art festival.

You’ve probably already guessed that what I just described was not a hypothetical situation.

wildblueyoshi,, cat, speck, kitty, tortie, tortoiseshell, ha, HA!, funny, laughing,

As if Speck has any room to mock someone for being lazy.

A few months ago, I had yarn tails in three pairs of potholders and one pair of dishrags to weave in before blocking.  All this on the day before an art festival where I planned to offer all of these for sale.

Let’s review.

wildblueysohi,, knitting, knit, potholder, cotton, yarn, blue, handmade, yarn tails, marvelously bumpy

Sixteen tails. (Two pairs of potholders with four tails per potholder.)

wildblueysohi,, knitting, knit, potholder, cotton, yarn, pink, yellow, variegated, orange, handmade, yarn tails, marvelously bumpy

Eight tails. (One pair of potholders. Four tails per potholder.)

wildblueysohi,, knitting, knit, potholder, cotton, yarn, handmade, yarn tails, marvelously bumpy

Four tails. (One pair of dishrags. Two tails per dishrag.)

It was misery.

Twenty-eight freaking yarn tails.  So awful.  Very boring.  Much pain.

I got it done, though.  All it took was hours of Youtube videos – thank you, Green brothers, for entertaining me through my ordeal – and a little bit of discipline.  By “little bit of discipline” I mean “fidgeting a lot, wishing I were doing something else, hating life and everything in it, and sewing in one yarn tail every thirty minutes.”  It was grueling, but by God I got it done!

I left myself so little time to block everything that, in order to get the projects dry in time for the festival, I had to set a fan on them all night.  (I use wet blocking for my cotton projects.)  I felt pretty lame.  The art festival totally sucked, too, and no one bought any of my knitted items.  But, hey!  I got the potholders and dishrags finished, so it’s not a total loss.  They make great gifts, after all.  It’ll be nice to have some nice, already completed potential gifts sitting around when I’m struggling to finish a bunch of stuff before Christmas morning.

Anyway, I think I learned my lesson.  I probably didn’t, but I’ve figured out some tricks to work around my laziness.  Here’s hoping I don’t do this to myself ever again.

Yoshi Is Weird

As an early anniversary present, Hubbles got me a copy of Yoshi’s New Island for the 3DS.  This man knows the way to my heart!  He downloaded the game directly to the 3DS, too, so I don’t even have to take Pokemon X out of the system in order to get some of that sweet Yoshi action.  I probably shouldn’t call it “sweet Yoshi action” though, should I?

Hey look at Speck!  She’s so cute!

cat, kitty, tortoiseshell, tortie, yoshi, speck, dinosaur, blue

This isn’t the best picture to make people forget about that borderline dino-erotica thing you just said about getting “some of that sweet Yoshi action.”  Just so you know.

Anyway, after playing a few levels, I have some thoughts about Yoshi.  Mainly:  Yoshis are freaking weird.

For one, are the Yoshis in Mario games exclusively female?  My knowledge of the animal kingdom says that males do not produce eggs, yet every single Yoshi in Yoshi’s New Island – and the original Yoshi’s Island – can produce eggs.

Some species of frogs can change their sex in certain situations, though.  I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if there were exceptions to the “only female animals can produce eggs” rule.  However, as far as I know, only female animals produce eggs.  Unless Yoshi is an exception, Mario might require that only female (or male-to-female) Yoshis are eligible to carry his chubby little body.  While I think it would be cool if the Super Mario series had more female characters in it, a “no boy Yoshis allowed” rule seems needlessly exclusionary.

cat, kitty, yoshi, maine coon, ginger, fuzzy, furry, longhair, ibsen, wildblueyoshi, inappropriate

Ibsen? Why are you touching Yoshi’s no-no place?  I’m pretty sure that its sex will not affect its ability to take you from point A to point B.

Secondly, why do the Yoshis produce eggs directly from what they eat?  Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m fairly certain that reproduction doesn’t work that way.  With humans, and maybe all mammals, females are born with every egg they’ll ever have already formed and stored in their ovaries.

Besides that, eggs and ovaries are a part of the reproductive system.  They’re completely separate from the digestive system.  You can’t eat something and make it turn into an egg by sheer force of will.  Now, Yoshi is obviously not a mammal.  It’s a dinosaur, and dinosaurs are reptiles.  But, even if a reptile’s egg forming capability doesn’t work exactly like a mammal’s does, I doubt that its caloric intake magically forms itself into eggs.

dog, poodle, miniature, fluffy, white, chicken costume, little bear

“I’ll bet I could poop an egg.” It doesn’t work that way, Little Bear, even if you’re dressed like a chicken. Also, you’re a male.  Also also, you’re a mammal.   Also also also, you have no reproductive organs anymore.

Thirdly, Yoshis lay eggs instantly and on command.  That is messed up.  Human reproduction doesn’t happen instantly, contrary to popular belief.  And, as many couples who are trying to conceive could tell you, it certainly doesn’t happen on command.  Reproduction isn’t usually that difficult – hell, most of the time it’s probably accidental – but it does require a decent amount of luck.  (Or bad luck, depending on the situation.)

I’m sure that, again, it’s unwise to make assumptions about reptile reproduction based solely on my knowledge of human biology, but come on!  What animal can produce offspring at any time just for the hell of it?  That makes no sense to me!

Before I go any further, I want to stop and acknowledge what some of you are thinking:  This is just a video game.  Nothing else on Yoshi’s Island follows the laws of science.  Why quibble over Yoshi’s eggs?

BECAUSE IT BOTHERS ME.  Also because my website is named after Yoshi.  I feel like that alone is enough reason to ask questions about this weird, egg throwing dinosaur.

Oh, yeah.  Egg throwing.

wildblueyoshi,, cat, speck, kitty, tortie, tortoiseshell, ugh, embarrassed, embarrassing

“Ugh! Just stop! You’re embarrassing me!” NEVER! I HAVE LOGIC AND REASON TO ATTEND TO!

My last question about Yoshis is this:  why would they throw their eggs?  I can understand why monkeys, hippos, rabbits, and other animals fling their poop or pee at others as a defense mechanism or to exert dominance.  It’s nasty – most creatures don’t like being covered in another creature’s waste – and spreads the flinger’s scent.  That makes sense.  But eggs?  I don’t know of any animals that throw their eggs in self-defense.  I’m no zoologist and I could definitely be wrong, but that seems really off to me.

Let’s think about this.  Other than the need to survive, the greatest instinct that most creatures possess is the need to produce offspring and to pass their genes to the next generation.  Males will fight to the death for the chance to mate with a willing female.  Mothers will sacrifice their lives for their offspring.  So, considering all that, how does it make sense that an animal would throw its unborn young like Yoshis do?

wildblueyoshi,, cat, cats, black, crybaby, shock, wby, surprise, funny

“WHAT!? MADNESS!” Thank you, Crybaby! Finally, someone who gets me. (Crybaby here is our current foster kitty. He will eventually be adopted into another deserving home, but we’re keeping him around in the meantime because he knows what’s what.)

Okay.  Okay.  Maybe those eggs aren’t fertilized.  Maybe Yoshi isn’t throwing its unborn young.  Maybe Yoshi is just acting like teenage pranksters who use store bought (and, therefore, unfertilized) chicken eggs to egg someone’s house.  If Yoshi’s eggs are unfertilized, they aren’t actually offspring.

It’s still weird that Yoshi throws its own eggs instead of those of a lesser species.  Since dinosaurs are so awesome, there are a lot of lesser species out there!  But, if Yoshi’s eggs are magically formed through its digestive system, I suppose throwing them isn’t that big of a deal.  Yoshis can produce eggs whenever they want, so they don’t exactly have the strictly limited supply that mammals have.  Still, though.  The whole thing is…  Weird.  It’s just really damn weird.

I don’t really know what else to say.  I’ve already written 1000 words about how weird Yoshis are, so I guess there isn’t much more to say.  I would just like to know what’s going on with my favorite dinosaur.

I was going to ask “Am I overthinking this?” but then I realized that, yes, I am definitely overthinking this.  So, I’ll ask this instead:  Am I the only one who is overthinking this?  I have a strong feeling that I’m not.

Summer Camp and Adorable Woopers

Earlier this summer, I worked as the pianist for an arts camp.  It was so much fun!  I loved working with the campers and with the camp’s vocal director.  Some of the campers were so smart and talented that it almost scared me.

On the first day of camp, I wore my Pokeball necklace and earrings that I made.  Several campers, including a girl named Maddie, were totally enamored with my jewelry.  After class, Maddie and another camper named Rebecca started talking with me about my jewelry, and our conversation quickly became a discussion of our favorite Pokemon.  I, of course, mentioned that Pikachu and Wooper are my favorites.

The next day, Maddie gave me this.

wooper, pokemon, wildblueyoshi,, maddie lowry, madeline lowry, art, hand drawnHow sweet!  She drew a Wooper for me!

After that, I found out that Maddie has weird a interest in serial killers and true crime just like I do.  We share some less weird interests, too, like classic rock and Pokemon.  Besides all that, she’s a great artist.  She’s pretty good with pencil and paper, obviously.  One day she pulled out her phone and showed me pictures of stuffed animals and AMAZING pottery she’s made, and all I could do was stare in awe.  She’s one rad kid!

That was only one highlight from my camp experience.  Working with campers like Maddie was great.  I hope the camp invites me back as the pianist next summer!  In the meantime I need to figure out where to display Maddie’s Wooper.  It’s so adorable that I just have to frame it.

What I Learned At InvaderCON III: Final Doom

Last time, I talked about getting autographs at InvaderCON.  That was definitely fun, but the panels at InvaderCON were even better.  I love the way the celebrity guests interacted with fans, especially the little kids, and how they were so willing to share their personal stories.  Their weirdness was also quite inspirational.

Basking in the presence of such accomplished, nice, and downright hilarious artists was awesome.  I left the con feeling really inspired and motivated.  I learned a lot of interesting things, too.  Some tidbits of information are more useful than others, certainly, but I figured I’d list them all for posterity.  This is another long post with a lot of videos, so I’m presenting everything in sweetly organized little groups and overusing bold text.

wildblueyoshi,, katy bug, invaderCON, final doom, GIR, what i learned at, WUT I LURNT AT, 2014, knit, hat, invader zim

GIR! Do I need to program spellcheck into you?


The first thing I noticed is that the Zim fandom is much larger, more diverse, and much more dedicated than I anticipated.  One woman drove twenty-one hours to bring her family to InvaderCON.  Others came all the way from Australia!  And here I thought we were dedicated, what with our little ten hour trip.  In all fairness, ten hours ain’t nothing. The last few hours of our drive got… interesting.

wildblueyoshi,, creepyfaceaday, katy bug, ugly, weird, invaderCON, final doom, dedication, sunglasses


Truthfully, the median age of the convention was lower than I anticipated. How do all these little kids know about Invader Zim? The show was cancelled before they were even conceived! I guess they either have awesome parents or scary internet skills.

Speaking of kids, their presence (and their parents’ presence) contributed to a very nice, safe feeling convention. There was a dance party on Saturday, and I never once felt like I might be assaulted by some clueless stranger who thinks vigorously humping my ass is an appropriate dance move.  The party was mostly kids standing around and swinging glow sticks while the “big kids” – like Hubbs and me – stood at a respectable distance and did the same.  I also loved that, in lieu of hilariously filthy hip-hop, the DJ mainly played remixes from Dance Dance Revolution.  I can dig it!

wildblueyoshi,, ddr, dance dance revolution, art wall, wall of art, geek, geeky, video games, dance pad, nerd, nerdy

DDR? I approve! Hubbles and I actually played it the night that we met. To commemorate our mutual love, we mounted this DDR dance pad on the “wall of art” in our living room.

Speaking of fandom, there seem to be two major fan “ships” in Zim culture: Zim and Gaz romance (ZAGR) and Zim and Dib romance (ZADR). I don’t understand it, but they are apparently a big deal.  Like, bigger than Dib’s head.  Haha!  Praise me for my relevant comparison! At this InvaderCON, a few people asked Richard Horvitz what he thinks about the pairings. He hates them. Andy Berman on the other hand, who voices Dib, finds it funny. In fact, at a previous InvaderCON, he humored ZADR fans by yelling “I love you, Zim!”

I prefer a platonic rivalry between Zim and Dib, but what do I know?  I hate loud music and go to bed early.  Clearly I’m just an old fuddy duddy.


My husband is willing to sing in public if a very specific set of circumstances is met:

  1. The song must be about diarrhea.
  2. Richard Horvitz must sing with him.


I have never been more proud of my husband. (Even if I am insanely jealous.)


I have to mention the question that I asked Rikki Simons. He and his wife, Tavisha, create comics together. I couldn’t help wondering how a married couple is able to work together on all those projects without killing each other, so I asked. Rikki’s quick answer was “We don’t have children!”

Everyone got a good laugh out of that, but then Tavi elaborated further. I found a video of it on Youtube, because of course I did. I’ll just embed it below. My question is around 22:10. Hit play and hopefully the video should begin right before I start talking. (It might not, though, because it’s being a turd even though I put the right start time in the embed code.)  Please excuse my stammering and all the times I said “um” and “uh.” I was nervous.

Tavi said it helps that the two of them like the same music. Hubbles and I are at a bit of a disadvantage from that perspective.

By the way, Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons is the world’s most adorable person over the age of 10 who is not related to me. By extension, she and Rikki are the world’s most adorable couple. Actually, they were basically childhood sweethearts and have been married almost twenty years.  I don’t care how cheesy it is to admit that I, along with every single audience member, went “Awww!” and applauded for them.

Another cool thing is that neither of them went to college, but for really good reasons. Instead of digging themselves and possibly their parents into a massive hole of debt or struggling against instructors who wouldn’t have approved of their manga/anime influenced styles, they honed their skills in other ways.  Impressive!

wildblueyoshi,, cat, kitty, ibsen, maine coon, ginger, college, that's for suckers, suckers, orange, tabby, rude

Ibsen, that’s rude. Although I do regret getting a degree in music instead of, say, something I would put to good use.

P.S. – Rikki doesn’t like bacon.  HE DOESN’T LIKE BACON.  My worldview is shattered.


Melissa Fahn (voice of Gaz) is a freaking BROADWAY singer. Melissa was actually in the original Broadway cast of Wicked. I know most of the songs from Wicked and was totally blown away to find that out.  As if that’s not enough, she was also Edward in the English dub of Cowboy Bebop. I’m usually a snobby purist when it comes to anime – subs or no dice! – but Melissa was so great as Gaz that I need to check this out.


That man is a spectacle unto himself. He is so damn goofy and energetic that, even without his unique voice, I can’t imagine him doing anything other than performing.  His first love was musical theater, which explains why he sings so much.  He also plays guitar and ukelele, sounds like Cher when he imitates Elvis, and serenades little kids who cry in panels.  I, like, I just can’t.  It’s too cute.  If you can’t take my word for it, go to Youtube and search for his name.  You will see what I’m talking about.


This guy?  Yeah.  He’s awesome.  He obviously retains a healthy amount of cynicsm – he’s a writer in show business, after all – but he was gracious and nice to fans, even though he did have a good laugh at some silly things people said.  When a girl presented him with a card game she made called “Zim Against Humanity” he seemed genuinely touched by the gesture.  Personally, I think the girl’s Cards Against Humanity spoof may be the most appropriate gift that any Zim fan could’ve given Eric.

Eric seems like quite the smartass, too.  I bought a script for him to autograph, and when he was asking how to spell my name, I told him “I’m Katy with a Y.”  He asked if people misspell it a lot.  I said “Yes,” and then told him about some of the dumb things people have done with my name.  The most annoying thing is when people see my name, assume there’s an “H” in there, and call me “Kathy.”  Kathy is a fine name, but it’s not my name.  So, this is how he autographed the script for me.

wildblueyoshi,, eric trueheart, invaderCON, final doom, invader zim, convention, con, nerd, geek, gir goes crazy and stuff, script, katy not kathy

Dear world, I am not Kathy. If you didn’t believe me before, you’d better believe me now! Eric Trueheart said it, therefore it must be true.


Rodger Bumpass (voice of Professor Membrane) used to be a weatherman!  If he had not succeeded as an actor, he said he would’ve returned to weatherman-ing. I’m happy he became Professor Membrane, but I gotta be honest when I say that he has the perfect weatherman voice.

Also, Rodger’s death has been misreported twice because two other dudes with the same name have died in the past few years.  Rodger mostly seems to be amused by it, but the rumors are persistent.  In fact, I typed his name into my search bar last night, and look what the first search suggestion was.

rodger bumpass, dead, search suggestions, bing, rodger bumpass is NOT dead yet, rumors, internet

That’s just rude.

That nearly sums it up, but since misreported deaths would be a weird note to end on, I have one last thing to say about Rodger. During Rodger’s Q&A, someone asked him for advice about getting into voice acting, and I found his answer to be particularly inspiring.  I can’t find a video of it and I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the gist of his answer was this:

Whatever you want to do, whatever you have a desire to do with your life, just do it.  If you don’t succeed, then at least you’ll have the satisfaction of trying.  Otherwise, for the rest of your life, you’ll wonder “What would have happened if I had tried doing what I really wanted to do?”

There’s really nothing I can add to that.  Great advice, Mr. Bumpass.

Meeting the people who helped create an incredible show that I love reminded me that I need to get off my sad, lazy ass and really commit to my silly dreams.  Rodger Bumpass is right.  Trying and failing is better than wondering “What if?” my entire life.

Truthfully, I was experiencing an absolutely horrendous bout of depression, self hate, and existential dread before InvaderCON, but I think this was just what I needed to bounce back.  I’ve written almost nothing this year and I’ve had little interest in trying new video games or craft projects.  But, in the past week, I’ve already outlined a bunch of blog posts and discussed some collaborative projects with Hubbles.  I even wrote a little bit of music!

I have ideas for a lot of projects that I want to do, and I finally feel like I have the confidence to try them out.  I think I’m back, y’all!

This post was really long, but it’s still about four hundred words shorter than Eric Trueheart’s blog post about the memories and magic of the first InvaderCON.  Yes, I counted.

InvaderCON III: Final Doom – Getting Autographs

Last weekend, Hubbles and I attended InvaderCON III:  Final Doom in Austin, Texas.  It was a super fun convention celebrating Invader Zim, which is one of our favorite cartoons.  We got autographs from four of the voice actors and one of the writers.  We attended their panels and Q&A sessions, too.  It was totally worth the ten hour drive to Austin.  (Also worth the ten hours back home and all the Dr. Pepper and Whataburgers that powered us through it.)

I figured I would tell you all about the con because that’s just what I do.  Prepare thyself for the beautiful insanity that is InvaderCON!  This is gonna be a long post, but hopefully not a boring one.  I’ll just focus on getting autographs and pictures right now.

First on my list are some snazzy pictures we took with the writer, Eric Trueheart.  For my picture, I got “creepy.”  Naturally.

gir, wildblueyoshi,, eric trueheart, invaderCON, final doom, invader zim, convention, con, nerd, geek, hat, handmade, knit, knitting

Luckily the creepy smile masked how nervous I felt.  (More about my GIR hat – which I made! – below.)

Hubbles said that I had a “Joker smile” going on here.  Personally, I’m impressed that my chin looks like it’s about to stab someone.  I first posted this on the creepyfaceaday tumblr that I share with my sister, hence the URL on the picture.  Click the picture itself for a link to the original post.

Anyway, I didn’t ask Eric to make a “creepy face” or even mention my tumblr.  I think that’s just his default expression for fan photos.  Somehow it would seem wrong for him to smile, you know?  Besides, smiling in hundreds of photos with fans would make for a sore face.  I saw him smile genuinely during the con, but not in our pictures.  Hubbles, however, looked downright giddy.

Before we got Eric’s autograph, we sat in line for nearly two hours for Rikki Simons’ autograph.  Rikki worked on some of the background art in Invader Zim, but he’s mainly known for voicing GIR.  GIR is Zim’s stupid and insane, yet adorable robot-in-a-dog-suit sidekick.  He has always been my favorite character, so I had to get Rikki’s autograph.  Judging by the long lines, hundreds of other attendees felt the same.  Two hours is a long wait, but we made some new friends and talked about our cats.  I also had time to finish sewing GIR’s face and ears onto the hat I knit!

GIR, invader zim, invaderCON, final doom, hat, knit, knitting, crochet, green, yarn, cartoon

Everyone around me said that the hat looked good, but I had to see for myself. I snapped this dopey picture to make sure the hat still looked decent once I put it on my head. It ain’t perfect, but it’ll do! Anyway, here’s hoping I get around to posting my pattern for the hat sometime soon.

Oh, that thing I said about sitting in line for nearly two hours?  What I meant to say is that we sat AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE for nearly two hours.  Meaning?  We were the first to enter the little autograph room (is that what I should call it?) while Rikki and his wife, Tavisha, were still setting out prints for sale.  This bought some extra time to chat.

Unfortunately, I still get hella nervous in the presence of anyone who is even vaguely famous.  I feel awkward telling teenagers “You did real good in your school play,” so you can imagine how flustered I got around the voice of one of my all-time favorite characters and his equally talented wife.

Here are some things that I wanted to say:

  • “Hi, Rikki.  GIR is my favorite and you voiced him perfectly.”
  • “GIR’s weird inflections have wormed their way into my brain.  I literally quote him at least once a day.”
  • “You two are so talented.”
  • “I’m glad that y’all are doing your Tavicat comic again.  The way you brought Fargo’s ghost into the story was really sweet.”  (Their cats feature heavily in the comic, but they kinda sputtered out with it when Fargo died a couple of years ago.  I can’t blame them.)

Instead, I pointed at a random booklet and blurted “Is that one of your comics?”  Tavisha said it was a sample from one of their webcomics.  Then I said “Oh, I was hoping you could have brought some of your comics to sell.”

Tavisha said “Well, they’re webcomics, so…”

wildblueyoshi,, cat, speck, kitty, tortie, tortoiseshell, duh

“Geez, Katy. I lick my own ass, but I can still see how dumb that question was.”

Okay, okay. Speck is right. I felt kind of dumb about asking that question because I know that they primarily focus on webcomics now.  However, in my defense, Rikki and Tavisha have published physical comics before.  It seems reasonable to hope that they’d bring some along, right?  But, because I felt way too nervous and stupid, I couldn’t quite figure out how to mention their other comics. All I did was point at an instrument case on the table and ask “Is that a ukelele?”

It was, so I said “I really want a blue one so I can call it a blue-kelele.”  Turns out that Rikki’s is green, and Richard Horvitz (voice of Zim) has a blue one.  Rikki told me where I could get one like theirs.

Then I started feeling incredibly flustered because these people are famous and I admire their work AND THEY’RE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  Once I completely forgot every relevant comment I could’ve made, I just took out my DVD case, forked over twenty bucks, and showed Rikki where I wanted him to sign.

invader zim, invaderCON, final doom, eric trueheart, rikki simons, GIR, rodger bumpass, professor membrane, melissa fahn, gaz, DVD, autograph, horrible holiday cheer

Rikki’s autograph is in the upper right, by GIR. I also got Rodger Bumpass’ autograph by Professor Membrane, Melissa Fahn’s above Gaz, and Eric Trueheart’s underneath where his name is listed at the bottom.  I didn’t actually get to meet Melissa or Rodger because the con schedule was really hectic.  Since I was either waiting in other lines or attending panels, Hubbles was the one who got their autographs for us.  He says they were nice.

I meant to ask if he’d take a creepy face picture with me, but I was so nervous that I plumb forgot.  I was literally trembling as we walked out of the room.  The trembling was probably exacerbated by having too much coffee and not enough solid food that morning, though.  Sigh.

Later, we got Richard Horvitz’s autograph.  He voiced Invader Zim’s titular character, so everybody wanted his autograph.  The line was really long – we waited yet another two hours to meet him – but we made some more new friends during the wait.  I snapped a few pictures to help pass the time, too.  Observe our beauty:

wildblueyoshi,, katy bug, hubbles, invaderCON, final doom, autograph, the waiting is the hardest part, line, beauty, photography, marriage, relationship

We got a couple of weird looks from confused onlookers.

Richard seems like a super nice dude.  He was really chatty with everyone in line, and hugged a lot of the people in front of us.  Meeting him made me nervous – shocking! – and I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to say to him.  Maybe that was for the best, though.  He was already late for a scheduled panel in another room, so Hubbles and I didn’t want to slow him down any further.  In any case, his autograph was pretty perfect.

invader zim, invaderCON, final doom, DVD, autograph, horrible holiday cheer, richard horvitz, zim, I AM ZIM

“I AM ZIM!”  It would’ve been nice if Andy Berman (voice of Dib) could have attended.  Of the characters on my DVD case, Dib’s voice is the only autograph I don’t have.

There you have it!  We got autographs from all of the celebrity guests.  While I wish I had met Melissa and Rodger personally, I’m still happy just to have their autographs.  Most of all, I wish I didn’t get so damn nervous around all of the guests!  Hubbles, on the other hand, was totally smooth and relaxed around them.  Teach me your ways, my love!

I have stuff to say about the panels and Q&A sessions, too, so I’ll be posting it soon.  Some of it is sappy, but I don’t care!

Have you been to an InvaderCON?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you have advice for managing my nervousness?  Answer me, stinky human!

Lazy Knitting Confession: Dum Dum Stitch Holder

Sometimes I’m too lazy to bind off before starting another knitting project.  I’ve been known to leave a nearly finished piece on its needles for months when all I need to do is bind off the final row.  If I happen to need those needles to begin a new project, things can get weird.

Oh, I could just bind off that last row.  Or, I could just use an improvised stitch holder.

knitting, knit, yarn, dum dum, sucker, lazy, dishrag, washcloth, handmade, wildblueyoshi,

Behold: the height of my laziness induced ingenuity!

Yup… I used the stick of a dum dum sucker to hold four stitches instead of binding them off.  I know I should be ashamed, but I’m too impressed with the dum dum thing.

Are you an impressively lazy crafter?  Tell me your best lazy crafting stories in the comments below.  It would make my day.