About Us

Wild Blue Yoshi was founded in 2011 as an outlet for the overwhelming video game obsession Katy Bug was experiencing at the time.  Since the creation of the original blog, crafting and books have insidiously crept their way into the discussion topics around here.

About the Dinosaur Overlords

Katy Bug

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s the face with the name, so to speak.  Katy Bug fancies herself a “domestic nerd” because she knits and crochets as much as she games.  She’s also a serious bookworm.

Katy Bug writes most of the content on the site, as well as yelling at the Xbox 360 when things don’t go her way. Puzzle games and RPGs are a big deal in her house. Never challenge her to a puzzle duel because you will leave with your pride in shambles. If you are feeling especially masochistic, you could try to beat her high score in Lumines. Be warned: we don’t really know how high that score goes, because the numbers don’t go any higher. Her crafty streak sometimes causes her to knit or crochet until her hands hurt.  She has a love-hate relationship with the piano, but mostly love.  Fantasy novels and autobiographies by addicts and others with serious life struggles “do it” for her.  For some ungodly reason, her appreciation of fan fiction has only intensified with age.

If you are interested in buying some of Katy Bug’s handiwork, she sells stuff in her Etsy and Zazzle stores.  She would probably cry tears of joy if you bought something from her.


Hubbles likes pirates (the “ARRRR!” kind) and computers. He also likes dinosaurs, which is how he came on to maintain the website. He isn’t seen much, but I’m told that web ninjas prefer it that way. He has collected every Pokemon, and logged over 2,000 hours of playtime across all the games. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are his favorite ponies.





Speck, wearing a capeSpeck is the resident fuzzy mammal and cuteness insurance policy for hostile takeover by corporation, or mammalian insurrection. She likes sitting in boxes, riding in the car, and pooping in freshly cleaned litter. She dislikes seafood and people who try to remove her from a lap. She was the inspiration for a novella, “Battle Loaf: A Story of Government Spending.” Sometimes she will chase down and eat bugs on the ceiling, but mostly she’s just lazy.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASir Tyson Ibsen Earmuffs III – Ibsen for short – joined the Yoshi family in 2012.  He has movie star good looks and the bad behavior to match.  He likes climbing trees and furniture, killing birds (which is why he’s mostly an inside cat now), and chasing that infamous red dot. Ibsen would be the perfect cuddle buddy, but he hates to be held or cuddled.  His long, fuzzy tail provides feather duster companies with all the raw materials they need.  Just kidding!  Ibsen’s fur is mostly a nuisance once it falls off his adorable little body.

More Stuff You Might Want to Know

If you’re confused about the “domestic nerd” thing, read this post by Katy Bug:  My “Domestic Nerd” Dichotomy and the Purpose of My Blog.

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Katy Bug also does a weird Tumblr project with her sister.  They post ugly selfies of themselves and are endlessly entertained by it.  Here’s the link:  Creepyfaceaday on Tumblr.

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