Ashly Burch Will Fill Borderlands 2 With EVEN MOAR Awesomeness

Edit:  I misspelled Ashly Burch’s name as Ashley in the original post.  I have fixed it.  Please, forgive me.  I just be human, yo.

Of all the games that have yet to be released in 2012, I think I’m most excited for Borderlands 2.  The first Borderlands is an absolutely amazing game, and I am not ashamed to reveal that I’m in the middle of my fourth playthrough now.  I highly doubt that Borderlands 2 will disappoint.  The trailers I’ve already seen are pants-crappingly great, and a lot of the coverage from sources like Destructoid consists of giggles and “ZOMG I’M SO EXCITED I COULD PIDDLE” type chatter.  Today, I watched the video below on Destructoid.  My ears especially perked up when I heard the name Ashly Burch.

If you don’t know who Ashly Burch is, let me enlighten your poor, pitiful soul.

Ashly Burch is probably best known for her hilarious “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?” videos.  Because I’m totally enamored with the latest episode about Quantum Conundrum and have watched it no fewer than 509,234 times, I shall embed it here for you.  Warning:  this video isn’t too bad, but a lot of the others are NSFW.

She’s so damn funny, I almost can’t stand it.  I’m really excited that she’s voicing Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2.  Her brother is Anthony Burch, whom she tortured and sent into multiple dimensions in this episode.  He is actually the lead writer on Borderlands 2, so I’ll bet he directly modeled the foul-mouthed little tea party enthusiast after his sister.  That’s not too surprising, since there’s probably a lot of inspiration there.

I’m looking forward to fighting and toying with the new enemies, playing as both Zero and as Maya (click that link to hear Tara Long brighten your day by calling Moxxi “a trifling ho”), interacting with Mordecai and the other vault hunters from the first Borderlands, and customizing my characters.  Interacting with Tiny Tina and hearing Ashly bring the girl to life is just icing on the Borderlands cake.  If you’re not excited, there’s something wrong with you.

I follow Ashly Burch on twitter.  And her brother.  And her sister-in-law.  You should, too.  They’re kinda awesome.

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