Black Friday Is Stupid, So Shop Online! Coupons, Anyone?

A friend showed me George Takei’s Black Friday shirt on Amazon, and it made me think about how I kinda sorta hate Black Friday.  I also love The Hunger Games, so of course it made me laugh.

I’m basically refusing to leave the house today because Black Friday shoppers are insane.  Here’s my impression of one:  “Over Thanksgiving dinner last night I said I was thankful for my family, but I was lying through my teeth.  What I’m really thankful for is the opportunity to go to Wal-Mart and trample someone on my way to a cheap TV!”

If I do any shopping today, it’ll be online.  In case you feel the same way, I created a coupon code for my Etsy shop.  Just use the code BLACKFRIDAYSUCKS2013 for 15% off everything in my shop!  It’s valid through Monday night (December 2).

Because I have every reason to entice you into buying my jewelry, here are some pictures of my personal favorites.  Each photo links directly to the item pictured.  If you would like a custom version of anything in my shop, just ask me and I’ll see what I can do.

salt dough, jewelry, earrings, poke ball, pokemon, handmade, crafts, etsy, wildblueyoshi

Poke ball earrings.  $20.00.

salt dough, jewelry, earrings, necklace, blue, handmade, crafts, etsy, wildblueyoshi

Blue donut earrings/necklace set. $30.00.

salt dough, jewelry, necklace, green, yoshi egg, dinosaur, handmade, crafts, etsy, wildblueyoshi

Green Yoshi egg necklace. $20.00.

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