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Hubbles has a fancy new computer that can run games now!  This is very exciting.  I’ve never been a PC gamer before because, besides the fact that I’ve always been way more fascinated with those fantastical, magical gaming consoles than with computers, consoles are cheaper and less complicated.

Paying out the crapper for a custom gaming rig has just never been on my radar.  If I’m expected to pay $60 for a brand new game, I want to play it on a straightforward $300 console, which is expected to run pretty much every game made for it.  It’s better than dropping $1500 for a computer that may or may not be able to run that expensive game.  It’s not like we buy that many brand spanking new games, but I think you get my point.

If the game is for Xbox 360, then I can play it on our 360.  I don’t have to bother looking at the system requirements to see if our personal console can handle the game.  Do I have the appropriate graphics card?  It doesn’t matter!

But now, system requirements for PC games are not really even a problem since Hubbles’ new computer is totally ballin.  He didn’t get it for gaming, though its gaming abilities are a nice perk.  While I’m sure I will always prefer the magic of holding a controller to using a keyboard and mouse, I’m still fantasizing about all the amazing sales we’ll hit up on Steam.

BioWare gave out download codes for free – FREE, I tell you! – copies of Mass Effect 2 on PC to people who bought new copies of Dragon Age 2.  I got my free copy, but my laptop refuses to play it, probably because laptops are anti-gaming prima donnas.  Hubbles’ new computer, however…

Mass Effect 2

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