Darning: Not Just For Socks!

I tend to wear blue jeans until they fall apart.  Several pairs I own are riddled with holes, but I refuse to cut them into cleaning rags/patches for other blue jeans until they are more holes than cloth.  It’s simply too hard to find jeans that fit juuuust right, and a good pair is expensive to boot.

If I spend money on something, I want to get my money’s worth.  Anything less than that is just wasteful, and “waste” is a very dirty word in my house.  Thus, I wear blue jeans until things get downright obscene.

Unfortunately, I can’t wear blue jeans much longer once they’ve started to fray in the crotch area.  You can patch holes in the knees or around the back pockets, but what can you do about the crotch?  Nothing.

Or can you?

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Turns out that there IS something you can do!  The next paragraph is going to seem random, but I promise it’s relevant to the discussion.  Stay focused.

I haven’t knitted any socks yet, but I plan to one day.  In preparation for that day, I’ve read a little bit about the process, as well as about sock darning.  Here’s a good article from Knitting Daily on how to darn socks.

Speaking of darning!  You see that picture of my little sister-in-law up there?  The kid on the dolphin who apparently doesn’t know how to look at a camera?  She invented a way to fix the frayed spots in her blue jeans that can’t be patched.  Without realizing that “darning” was the thing she did, she darned a pair of jeans.  Observe:

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It’s the criss-cross looking spot in the bottom right, just to the left of the seam. Click the picture to open an enlarged version of it in a new tab.

She did exactly what the Knitting Daily darning article I linked above said to do.  But, instead of socks and yarn, she had jeans and blue thread.  She’s so smart and crafty that it’s downright scary sometimes.  I mean, it’s more handy than scary this time, but just you wait.  Just you wait.

So yeah!  Looks like I could use some craft lessons from my teenage sister-in-law!

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You heard me.

Have you ever “darned” a pair of jeans?  Are you as excited about this as I am?

If you are my little sister-in-law, please don’t kill me.  I can’t finish making your totally awesome Christmas present if I’m dead.

P.S. – I made a t-shirt design over on Zazzle. It’s about the moment I realized I was a hardcore knitter. Can you dig it?

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