My “Domestic Nerd” Dichotomy and the Purpose of My Blog

I’ve been blogging under the WildBlueYoshi name for over two years now, but I think it’s time to explain what I’m doing.  The internet isn’t exactly swimming in blogs about both “nerdy” and “domestic” pursuits, yet here I am.  If you’re confused, that’s okay.  I’ve got a bit of a dichotomy thing going on.  Lemme ‘splain.

speck, ibsen, kitty, cat, tortoiseshell, tortie, maine coon, ginger, fuzzy cat, cute

Speck (left) and Ibsen (right) laying together like this form sort of a dichotomy, too.  Speck:  lazy old princess. Ibsen:  rambunctious young nuisance.  Opposites, yo!

I started out blogging only about video games.  I love them and always have, so creating a game blog felt natural for me.  Soon after I created WildBlueYoshi, however, I fell in love with knitting and crocheting.  Before long I was crafting as much as I was gaming – and I game a lot.  So, I decided to blog about my adventures in both.  I call myself a Domestic Nerd because knitting and crocheting are viewed as traditional, “domestic” pursuits,** and video games are typically considered a nerdy pursuit.

Ta-da!  That’s the short of it.  If you need further explanation for whatever reason, continue reading.

I’ve found some craft blogs that combine domestic arts and alternative – a.k.a. geeky or nerdy – entertainment.  For instance, plenty of crocheters make amigurumi versions of video game and anime characters.  A common knitting project is the massive Doctor Who scarfOne knitter makes adorable little Totoros and things like that.  There is some really neat stuff out there for geeky crafters if you know where to look.  By that, I mean you use Ravelry and know how to Google “crochet yoshi.”  FYI, I fully intend to crochet a blue yoshi!

katy bug, wildblueyoshi, super mario, yoshi, dinosaur, domestic nerd, knit, knitting, kerchief

Proof of my domestic nerdery!  Here, I combined my knitting (the kerchief on my head) with my Yoshi (and Mario) shirt.  My next logical step is an amigurumi version of Yoshi.  Btw, I made those earrings, too.

However, while I love these craft blogs, I always want to know more about the authors’ nerdier interests and hobbies.  What video games do they play?  Do they like anime and manga?  Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is their favorite?  What do they think of Harry Potter?  Who’s hotter:  John Crichton from Farscape, or… Sorry, I started thinking about Ben Browder as John Crichton and lost my train of thought.

Anyway, there are plenty of people who like both crafts and geek stuff.  The only problem is that some of them (though not all) prioritize crafts over the geeky stuff.  Are they afraid of being mocked by snooty, anti-nerds?  Giving crafts and geek media equal attention in a blog seems like too much to ask, even though my fellow domestic nerds and I do exactly that in our real lives.  Sure, some anti-nerds tease me for my gaming hobby and stuff like that, but whatever.  I like what I like.  If that bothers you, get over it.  I’m not hurting anyone.  Worry about your life, not mine.

It makes me sad to hear a person professing love for comics or video games only to follow that profession with “Sorry, I’m a total nerd.”  Sorry?  Why are you sorry?  That’s just silly.  People who do bad things should apologize, not nerds.  Yes, I know that nerds can do bad things just like anybody else.  But, simple nerdiness does not call for an apology.  I openly admit to my geekiness, but you won’t hear me apologizing for it anymore!

I’m Katy Bug.  I’m a nerd and a crafter.  And that’s okay.

katy bug, wildblueyoshi, super mario, yoshi, dinosaur, knit, knitting, kerchief, thumbs up

Two thumbs up! And scary neck! Ya’ll are really getting a treat with this one.

This is where WildBlueYoshi comes in.  Since I love video games as much as knitting and crocheting, I blog about both.  I want a place where I can let my nerd flag fly while knitting up a storm.  What’s great is that I know there are plenty of others like me!  If there weren’t, then I wouldn’t have seen so many sci-fi fans, gamers, and anime cosplayers knitting at the last three Midsouth Cons.  In fact, the mere existence of websites dedicated to “Nerdigurumi” makes it obvious that I’m not alone in my conflicting hobbies.  Well, I wouldn’t call them conflicting, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t a snappy line.

Ibsen, cat, kitty, ginger, orange, Maine coon, self healing mat, DDR

“Snappy?  You mean like how I bite you if you move when I’m in your lap?”  Sure, Ibsen, exactly like that.  ANYWAY.  Here’s my cat, lying on a self healing mat that Hubbles uses for sewing, which is itself lying on a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad. If that doesn’t sum up “domestic nerd,” I don’t know what does.

I know I have some fellow domestic nerds out there!  I’ve seen you.  I’ve even met some of you.  Don’t be scared.  As Jenny Lawson has said:  “Sometimes you just have to lean into the weird.”

In a nutshell, here’s what I want to say:  I blog about my favorite hobbies because I love them equally.  I don’t care if they’re exact opposites.  They’re fantastic and I have a lot to say about games and crafts.  If you think that’s cool, I love you.  If you don’t, I still love you, but let’s just be friends.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Cuz seriously.  I am weird.

If you’re a fellow domestic nerd, hit me up in the comments.  What are your hobbies and interests?  Tell me everything.  I need some late night reading.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I plan to write about my personal gaming and crafting history soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.  “History” makes it sound so official, but it’s really just going to be me saying “I had a Game Boy and it was awesome and I love Yoshi and I knit to keep from going crazy and my cats want food so I’m going to stop writing this stupid run-on sentence.”  Anyway, stay tuned!

PS- Funny thing.  I stumbled on a video of Wil Wheaton explaining why it’s great to be a nerd.  I feel that it fits right in with what I tried to say up there.  HOOAH!

PPS – I found another great video for this post. This one has Felicia Day giving a little update for her Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel (which you should totally check out here).  Before she really digs into the “here’s what I have planned for the channel” stuff, she gives a fantastic definition of what “geek” means.  My favorite definition is “It’s someone who dares to love something that isn’t conventional.”  Whoomp!  There it is, baby.

**Knitting is an age-old craft, and was originally dominated by men.  The idea that knitting is only for grandmas or for women in general is much newer than the craft itself.  It’s also a very dumb idea.  While crochet is a newer craft – its earliest known references are in women’s needlework books from the 19th century – and was originally dominated by women, it’s not just for women.  Anyone who wants to craft should try it out, and anyone who doesn’t want to shouldn’t have to.  Don’t support crafting sexism!

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