Donkey Kong 64 Is Not Optional

Listening to music while I write is something I’ve always done.  Instrumental stuff is ideal for me now because lyrics tend to distract me.  Know what doesn’t usually have lyrics?  Video game music!  Luckily, YouTube has quite a bit of awesome video game OSTs.  In fact, last week, I stumbled on the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack and listened to the entire thing.  Now I want to play the game again.  Problem?  I never owned a copy of it to begin with.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Except that it IS a barrel of monkeys. And apes. YEAH.

Over a decade ago, I would play Donkey Kong 64 on my niece’s Nintendo 64 whenever I was at my sister Tiffany’s house.  My niece didn’t play it much, if at all, because she was a normal six-year-old and less than a mastermind with video games.  Since I was over at Tiffany’s at least one night a week, I played quite a bit of DK64.  My niece must’ve been playing with Barbies or something, because I don’t remember fighting over the N64 very much.  Anyway, Tiffany still has the N64 and the games, and she’s willing to give them to me, too!  Observe this gold mine of classic gaming goodness.

Full disclosure:  I have no intention of playing the sports games, except maybe the racing ones.

Wait… Two Super Mario 64 cartridges? How did THAT happen?  TIFFANY!  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?

However… notice that one important thing is missing?  That’s right – no Donkey Kong 64!  WHY, GOD, WHY?  I have no earthly idea where it could be (it wasn’t my game in the first place), and Tiffany doesn’t, either.  How heartbreaking!

The fact of the matter is that, in my life, Donkey Kong 64 is not optional.  I must have it.  The tricky part is that the game requires the N64 expansion pack.  In an unwise moment of impulse buying, I recently ordered a used copy of DK64 and an expansion pack.  They should be here soon, and I hope they both work.  Getting a working copy of the game and a working expansion pack may require some trial-and-error and a lot of prayer, but here’s hoping this first attempt gets the job done.

I probably shouldn’t spend money on this, but I’m justifying it this way:  at least it’s not yarn.  Lord knows I have a big enough yarn stash as it is.

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