Four in February 2014: FAIL

Welp.  I kind of failed at Four in February this year.  I was successful last year, but I ended up having a lot more stuff to do this year that had nothing to do with video games.  Who knew that I had all this work to do?  Real life sucks sometimes.

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“Hello. Is this real life? This is Katy. Just wanted to let you know that you kinda suck right now.”

February was filled with work, decorating our house, moving furniture, litterbox scooping…  Gaming didn’t fit into that very well.  Anyway, without further ado, here is my fail list for Four in February 2014.

Borderlands 2:  Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Okay, this was more of a Pyrrhic victory than a straight up failure.  This DLC package for Borderlands 2 is the only one of my Four that I beat.  I played through it in a co-op game with Hubbles.  We liked it well enough at first, but some of the missions are so tedious that playing became a real drag.  Der monstrositat frustrated us to the point where we just abandoned the mission entirely.

We died many cheap deaths before we ever even got to the terribly designed final boss – who, by the way, sucked all the remaining fun out of this DLC.  It should be renamed “Cheap Death Magee.”  Borderlands usually has enough character and humor to offset small gameplay issues, but “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt” was sorely lacking in the fun department.  Simply put, I don’t recommend it very highly.

Pokemon X

I just plain suck at beating Pokemon games in a timely fashion.  All I planned to do this month was to beat the last four gym leaders, but I only beat two of them.  Oh, well.  At least my goal made me progress a tiny bit faster than I normally do.  I intend to get the last two badges this month for “More in March.”  More in March is a thing that folks on the Four in February facebook page invented last year for those who didn’t finish their Four in February.  I plan to make good use of it after my terrible performance last month.  That’s two weeks to prepare for each gym.  If I can’t handle that then I have bigger problems than “real life.”

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“You wanna talk real life? You take me to the vet, force medicine into me, and then you make me come home to deal with the fuzzy yellow shitcake back there. Still wanna talk real life?”
Thank you, Speck, for that attitude adjustment.

Breath of Death VII

You know how I said that I was doing well with this one two weeks ago?  Uh, about that…  For no reason whatsoever I suddenly stopped playing it.  This game is so fun.  Why did I start ignoring it?  I must remedy this ASAP.  Unfortunately, I won’t have time to play it for at least a day.  WHYYYYYYYY

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Yup… Still haven’t touched it.  I haven’t even set up my retro gaming station.  I am made of fail.

I am ashamed.  I hope you did better with Four in February than I did.  The only thing left for me to do is cry and play catchup for More in March.

7 thoughts on “Four in February 2014: FAIL

    • I know, right? Stupid work! Doesn’t life know that I have games to play and beers to drink?

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. I feel ya, Real life is always getting in my way. I took two days off work to play pokemon X when it first came out and I have NEVER had a chance to finish it. Don’t feel too bad! Also since it’s March 20th how is More in March going?

    Thanks for the follows! I love your tumblr project idea. 🙂 You blog design makes me simile!

    Nice to meet you!

    • Haha! I play Pokemon every night before I go to sleep, but lately I’ve spent most of my time farming berries. I have seven gym badges, so I only have one left to complete my More in March goal. Full steam ahead!

      Do you mean my creepy face a day tumblr that I do with my sister? We have way too much fun doing that!

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      • Your close! I know you can get the last one! I only have 4 badges I think, I got stuff fighting Team Flare at the cafe.

        And yes! Creepy Face a day is brilliant, it looks super fun 🙂

        • Aw, I’m so glad you like our creepy faces! We’ve done over 200 “faces” and I’m amazed that the process is still pretty fresh. Who knew our faces could do all that?

          I thought you didn’t fight through the Team Flare cafe until after getting the seventh badge? I fought them not too long ago, right after getting that badge. (It’s the Psychic gym in Anistar City.)

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