Four in February 2014: Katy Bug’s (Lackluster) Midway Update

It’s Valentine’s Day!  You know what that means:  we’re halfway through Four in February!

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Wait.  Did you think I was talking about Valentine’s Day?  Meh.  V-day has always felt like an excuse for advertisers to pressure men into buying gifts.  If you don’t, you’re a terrible person and your lady will never have sex with you again!  Oh, spare me.  And that thing where you’re supposed to assume that a woman wants gifts, even if she says she doesn’t?  That’s some bullshit right there.  Give me the gift of trusting that I am not a deceitful bitch.  Thanks.

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Thank you for your insight, Ibsen.

Oookay.  That rant surprised even me.  You know what gift I would like more than anything else for Valentine’s Day?  Playing Borderlands 2 with Hubbles all night and drinking as many beers as I want without judgment.  We need to speed through our Four in February plans!  Oh, yeah.  This is supposed to be my 4inFeb progress report.  Sometimes I get irrationally mad about stuff and forget what I’m doing.

Borderlands 2 DLC:  Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

I won’t sugarcoat it:  we’re behind schedule.  We’ve only completed a few missions in the Sir Hammerlock DLC.  Also, Hubbles apparently never intended to play the Tiny Tina DLC this month.  Oops.  (That’s marriage, kids.  Miscommunication galore!)  Assault on Dragon Keep is out of reach this month, so we’ll focus on Big Game Hunt.

Big Game Hunt is as outlandish and witty as I expected, but it’s difficult.  The game scales enemy levels in DLC packs to match the player’s level.  Since Hubbles and I are both in the middle of True Vault Hunter Mode, our characters are at such a high level that the enemies are pretty tough.  That makes for slow progress, but I really want to beat this before February ends.  Looks like I had better make the most of Valentine’s Day.  I’ll start up the Xbox 360 and grab a beer as soon as we get a spare moment tonight.  I can give you more details once we progress further.

Pokemon X

Shamefully, I’m behind schedule here, too.  I’ve only beaten one gym leader – Clemont, the fifth one – since February started.  One gym badge in two weeks?  I gotta up my game.  Maybe I should do some Pokéwalking.  Also I need to quit being so damn slow!  All I did yesterday was harvest berries and plant some more.  Berries are nice, but they won’t get me any gym badges.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Haven’t touched it.  I’m a terrible person.  Our poor retro gaming station is patiently waiting for the day when I finally give it some attention.  Soon, my pet.  Soon.

Breath of Death VII

I saved this one for last because I wanted to end on a strong note.  I’m making good progress.  This game is entertaining, silly but not stupid, and its battle system is simple without being boring.  The only way it could get any better is if I could play it with one hand while drinking a beer with the other hand.


WELL LOOK AT THAT!  I have some complaints, but not many.  Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a separate post about Breath of Death VII before February ends.

My progress report is lackluster at best.  I’m behind on three of my Four.  Shame on me!  I need to step it up.  What about you?  Are you doing better with Four in February?

3 thoughts on “Four in February 2014: Katy Bug’s (Lackluster) Midway Update

  1. I should have done this for this month, but I have no clue what I’d play… *stares at her steam list*

    Maybe once all this stuff the Brettface and I are doing is over, I can do something similar in March. I can see it now! March Madness: how many games can you finish in 31 days? Mwahahahhahaha!

    Probably only one, knowing me. Well, maybe more than that, as long as I don’t try to pick up and finish Skyrim or any of the TES games, hahahahaha!

    • Well last year folks on the Four in February facebook page talked about doing More in March. I tried it last March, but I bit off more than I could chew and finished nothing. You and I could do a special version of it called “Marcy’s More in March” or something this year. YEAH!

      The 4inFeb facebook page is here:

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