Four in February 2014: Katy Bug’s Plans

Well, well, well.  I went the entire month of January without posting.  Shame on me!  At least it’s time for Four in February, so I suppose there’s some excitement to be had.  I had a lot of fun with 4iF last year, and have picked out my Four for 2014.  Here’s my list,* along with the system I’ll play them on, their genres, and my personal play style.

Pokemon X

I’m as slow as ever with Pokemon games. I got X on release day (October 12), but I’m still piddling around with very little direction. Hubbles beat Y in about two weeks, whereas I just beat the fourth gym in X a few nights ago. It’s pitiful. I need to buckle down already! My goal is to get the last four gym badges this month. That might not sound like much to most players, but I’m so slow that it’ll really be pushing it.

3ds, nintendo, pokemon, special edition 3ds, blue

Half of my Pokemon playtime is spent lovingly rubbing the 3DS on my face. It’s so beautiful.

System: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: RPG
Personal play style: Slow… Too slow.

Breath of Death VII

I loved Zeboyd Games’ Cthulhu Saves the World.  Why not try their previous game?  Like its predecessor, Breath of Death VII is another retro styled RPG.  In other words:  my kind of party.  As a PC game, it would leave the TV available for Hubbles’ Four in February adventure.  (Marriage is give and take, people.)  It would also force me to play a system other than the Xbox 360 or 3DS.

System:  PC
Genre:  RPG  (olde school style)
Personal play style:  Grind heavy and probably slow.

Borderlands 2Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep and Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

These two DLC packs will be my co-op game to play with Hubbles. We played Borderlands 2 together and it was great fun.  Actually, we played two of its other DLC campaigns (Mr. Torgue and Captain Scarlett) as an entry in our Four last year.  It was a hit in our house, and I anticipate similar results with the Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock campaigns.

System:  Xbox 360.  The links above go to Amazon’s downloadable codes for PC and PS3.  If you want to get them on Xbox 360 here are the links:  Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock.
Genre:  FPS with RPG elements (RPS?)
Personal play style:  I hang back and snipe enemies with my Assassin while Hubbles rushes into the fray with his Gunzerker.  We make a good team.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This is one of my absolute favorite SNES games.  I’ve never beaten it, though, because level 36 is freaking hard.  I think there are 55 levels, and I might as well try to beat them all.  Besides, we have a retro gaming area set up in our guest room now with an old TV and everything.  I feel like I should put it to use for Four in February!  My Retro Duo would look awfully spiffy sitting on the dresser beside the GameCube…

TV, retro duo, retro game setup, gamecube, smudge

I think the old fashioned candlestick compliments the GameCube quite nicely. Hopefully it distracts from the ugly smudges on the TV.

ZAMN is probably going to be my biggest challenge this month.  Here goes!

System:  Super Nintendo.  It’s available on Wii’s Virtual Console, as well.
Genre:  Action, I guess.  Wikipedia calls it a “run and gun.”
Personal Playstyle:  Obnoxiously perfectionistic.  I’ve played ZAMN so much that I follow a specific path in each of the first twenty or so levels.  I have been known to rage quit when I don’t finish a level perfectly.

Those are my Four in February plans.  Hubbles’ plans are on his tumblr.  It’s going to be an interesting month for us.  Keep in touch!  We’ll post updates on our progress all through February.

Are you doing Four in February?  If so, what are you playing this month?

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