My Literal Yarn Stash Is Figuratively Staging A Coup

When we moved into our new house, my yarn stash literally filled up the trunk of my car.  Yes, literallyNot figuratively.  Look!

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I don’t think that even includes my Lion Brand knitting bag. It holds a couple of my works in progress. I think another shopping bag, which contains my in-progress Woodland Circle Afghan, was also missing from the trunk.

Unfortunately, most of that yarn is acrylic.  I have a shameful weakness for discounted yarn from Wal-Mart.  There is a good bit of wool in my stash, though, as well as some crochet thread and a little bit of cotton.

Since we’re kinda broke this year – the downpayment on our house did not play around – I will be making a lot of Christmas presents.  My yarn stash demands that most of those presents will be little “stashbuster” projects.  I will probably pull some scarf and bag patterns out of my butt (figuratively speaking), because I don’t have room in my budget to buy literal books about stashbusting.  Which is a shame, because I wouldn’t mind this one:

Looks like I gotta roam the internet for ideas. Thank goodness for free patterns.

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