My Choice of Video Game Music for the Olympics

I saw on Kotaku today that a Mexican gymnast, Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas, did her Olympic floor routine to a Zelda Medley arranged by violinist Lindsey Stirling.  Pretty ballin, if you ask me.  Personally, if I were a top notch Olympic gymnast and had to choose video game music for my floor routine, I’d go with “Mystic Mysidia” from Final Fantasy IV.  When I played through Final Fantasy IV Advance, I would literally drag my party around Mysidia, loitering like the bunch of ne’er-do-wells they were, just so I could listen to the theme music.  I played the remake for Game Boy Advance instead of for Nintendo DS because I hate the redone graphics for DS.  Give me old timey sprites and pixel art for my old timey games, kthxbai.

Anyway, here’s a youtube video (but it’s not really a video) for the “Mystic Mysidia” music.  Enjoy!

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