My Week – August 17, 2014

I figured I would steal Jenny Lawson’s weekly wrap-up post idea, because why not?  Isn’t that how the internet works?

Okay, the real reason I wanted to do a weekly wrap-up post is that I don’t actually post about all the video games I’ve played, books I’ve read, or projects I’ve crafted (or started and never finished) during any particular week.  I guess it’s less of a “wrap-up” and more like “hey look at all this stupid shit I did.”  I’m gonna use Jenny’s idea, but I’m not gonna gank her format.  I do have some standards, after all.

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“Standards!? Since when?”

Video Games

Hubbles and I beat my favorite Borderlands 2 DLC, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.  Actually, we beat it Monday night just a few hours after finding out about Robin Williams’ death.  I was already heartbroken because I’ve always loved Robin Williams, and the tearjerker moments of Dragon Keep’s final story mission were almost too much.  I straight up cried, y’all.  The campaign has its funny moments – obvious because Tiny Tina! – but it’s also really sad in some ways.  I loved Dragon Keep, though, and I’ll try to write a proper post that’s chock full of my thoughts on it.  I know how everyone loves my thoughts.

In handheld news, I’m still farming berries in Pokémon X.  One of these days I’ll actually do something productive with those extra side quests and the hundreds of unevolved Pokémon I have.  I also returned to Yoshi’s New Island.  I’m not in love with it, but it’ll do.  Predictably, I have some thoughts on it that I will try to write about soon.  (Yes, these thoughts are a little less uptight than those I previously spewed out in “Yoshi Is Weird.”)

Besides that, I still play Clash of Heroes on Xbox 360 way too much.  It’s an RPG and puzzle game all in one.  If there is a video game that yells “Katy!” louder than that, then I must be deaf because I haven’t heard it yet.

I’m also playing The Hunger Games Adventures again.  I don’t understand it, either.


I’m working on a blanket for my niece.  The whole saga is kind of ridiculous, though, and deserves its own post.  In the meantime, here’s what I’ve knit so far.

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The whole thing is plain old garter stitch. This flimsy, fuzzy yarn doesn’t really allow me to get fancier than that without feeling like I’ll break it or drop a stitch. I actually tried to crochet with it at first, but no. Just no.


Can’t.  My elbow is bothering me again.  This is getting really old.

Other internet stuff I did

As usual, my sister Taylor and I posted our daily creepy faces on the tumblr we share.  My favorite from last week is this one that Taylor took of herself.

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Taylor titled this one “Gross.” It makes me laugh so hard that it hurts. (Click picture for a link to the original post on

Highlights (both good and weird)

These I shall present to you in bullets so that I don’t feel like I need to make them coherent or connected in any way.  They are unrelated to my usual topics, but I feel the need to inform the world of them for some reason.

    • At dinner the other night, I asked Hubbles if he wanted the last slice of tomato.  He then asked if *I* wanted it, and I told him to just answer the damn question already.  He responded by yelling “Solomon’s baby!” and then slicing the tomato in half so we could share it.
    • Ibsen had his yearly vet checkup and booster shots.  He was so pissed and bitey that the vet tried to muzzle him before giving him his shots.  I didn’t know you could muzzle a cat, but apparently you can.  The muzzle totally covered Ibsen’s face, but he shook it off.  He shook it off.  After much fighting, one injury (to a human), and my unsuccessful attempts to calm Ibsen, the vet and vet assistant had to wrap his front half in a towel and scruff him through the towel in order to give him the shots.  That cat is an evil little shit.  He loves me, though, so that little shit ain’t going nowhere.

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      This cat loves me above every other member of our household, which is weird because Hubbles is the acclaimed cat whisperer.

    • Speck actually had a checkup, too.  She is much older and much wiser than Ibsen.  Thus, she has had time to realize that the “grin and bear it” approach is the way to go with the vet.  She has issues with constipation, so they took x-rays of her abdomen to check for a condition called megacolon.  It is not nearly as awesome as it sounds.  Thankfully she does not have megacolon, but she did have some trapped gas in her gut.  So, the vet used a catheter to help her get it out.  Translation:  The vet stuck a catheter in my cat’s butt to help her poot.
    • I cleaned our bathroom yesterday after MONTHS of neglect.  Scrubbing the grout in the shower completely ruined a toothbrush, yet I still have more cleaning to do.  What has been seen cannot be unseen.  Fun fact:  At first, I accidentally typed “shat” instead of “what” in that last sentence. Sometimes typos are way too appropriate.

And that is how my week went.  I’m obviously leaving out most of the social, political, and entertainment world upsets that have happened in the last week.  This just felt more pleasant.  Anyway, here’s hoping I actually write about all the things I said I’d elaborate on.  Feel free to harass me about my empty promises.

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