Oh, Yarn. You Deceptive Devil.

I’m participating in a craft show in a few weeks and I’m doing a lot of crafting in preparation.  One of the things I’m doing is knitting dishrags and potholders to sell.  This requires plenty of cotton yarn.  That’s why I was insanely excited to find these four HUGE cones of Peaches & Creme yarn in the super cheap clearance yarn aisle a few weeks ago.

yarn, peaches & creme, cone, clearance, discount, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton

Good thing cotton is absorbent, because I drooled a bit.

The only color I truly liked was the yellow, but I didn’t buy this yarn for me.  I bought it so that I could sell the stuff I made with it.  My preferences for yarn color aren’t universal.  Who knows?  Some customers at the craft show might love these colors.

I still thought this yarn was kind of ugly, though.

yarn, peaches & creme, cone, clearance, discount, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton

The colors are darker and more vibrant in person. My photography skills have not improved since the last time I posted crappy pictures on my blog.

The weird purple and green mix just didn’t “do it” for me.  It looked like a really bland Mardi Gras parade in yarn form.  The color name is Pageantry (#1201).  I figured someone would like it, though, so I started knitting a hair kerchief with it.

I kept on knitting, and lo and behold!  It’s beautiful!  Now I like this yarn.  A lot.

yarn, knitting, crafting, peaches & creme, wildblueyoshi, EXCITEMENT, cotton, hair kerchief

I kinda pulled this pattern out of my butt. I need to post it sometime because it’s pretty nice.

Somehow, the yarn looked awesome once I started knitting with it.  Who’da thunk it!

So, yeah.  This yarn fooled me.  Has this ever happened to you?

2 thoughts on “Oh, Yarn. You Deceptive Devil.

  1. I was actually really scared to knit with my hand-dyed stuff, but I was very pleasantly surprised in the end. Variegated yarn can sometimes look like poop, even with some patterns. However, there is always a pattern out there with it in mind, to bring out the color changes. 🙂

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