Parental Gaming

My dad and little sister are visiting us this weekend.  Hubbles and I pulled out Beatles Rock Band last night and, after playing a few songs on our Rock Band guitars, conned Daddy into playing a song.  He’s actually a really good guitarist IRL, and he wasn’t impressed with Rock Band.  To quote him:  “That’s… kinda stupid.”

After that, I totally convinced my sister to play Halo 3 with me last night so we could do the multiplayer modes.  I’ve never played a Halo campaign, but I enjoy the multiplayer mode.  She’s never played an FPS before, so I suppose I had quite the unfair advantage.  Honestly, I destroyed her until she found this amazing war hammer thingy.  Then Taylor one hit KO’d me a few times, and I decided it was time for bed.

This morning, I had my usual Morning Xbox Time, though I almost had to kick my sleeping father and his sleeping bag out of the way so I could position our gaming chair juuust so, right in front of the TV.  It was awkward playing when my dad was lying on the floor right by the chair.  Anyway, after I had my fill of Dragon Age II and Daddy making fun of me getting so attached to fictional characters – shouldn’t I get upset if a mother may have been murdered? – Daddy decided he wanted to play Hubbles in Halo 3.  I was in the shower during that fight, but I wish I had seen how it all went down.  Daddy said he got in a few kills, yet Hubbles beat him overall.

And then, what had happened was.


My father is sitting on our couch, playing Peggle.  Still.  He’s been playing since approximately 11:00am.  It’s 6:00pm now.  Well, we went to the bookstore for a while somewhere in there, so at least he got a little bit of a break.

Here he is, intensely enjoying his Peggle:

This is the man who only ever played that pinball game that came on his computer.

Here I is, con mi papá.

With our dad monopolizing the Xbox, Taylor decided that playing some Mario games on my GBA would be a good idea.

Surprise!  You’re on candid camera!  What’s funny is this accidental photo turned out pretty well!  She’s got that supermodel pout going and all that.

Here’s a posed picture of her.  What a cute little thing.

Well there we go, parental gaming.  Or familial gaming, if you’d rather.

Do any of you game with your parents or other family members?

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