Poké Ball Earrings

Out of all my salt dough jewelry, my Poké Ball earrings have probably earned me the most comments.  Teenage boys go crazy for them – which makes me feel very awkward – but well-adjusted grownups like them, too.  After so many admirers went “squee!” upon seeing the Poké Ball earrings, I finally made some for my Etsy shop.  These earrings make me happy in my little pokémon-loving heart, and I’d just like to show them off a little.  If you want a pair, check out my Etsy shop here:  linky!  I’ve linked each of the pictures below to my listings on Etsy as well.

pokeball, Poké ball, Pokémon, pokemon, earrings, salt dough

I have two pairs of these. One pair is on the silver plated hooks, and the other pair is on gold colored hooks.

At Midsouth Con in Memphis, Tennessee this past weekend, I wore my earrings one day and a lot of other con goers really liked them.  If you’re a con goer, these earrings would earn you plenty of attention.  However, if you’re not into earrings, I’m going to experiment with making bracelets out of these.  I may make some Poké Ball necklaces as well.  I have several “donut” jewelry sets (this set is the most popular), and I think a Poké Ball set might be cute.

pokeball, Poké ball, Pokémon, pokemon, earrings, salt dough

These are on silver plated hooks. Most of my salt dough earrings turn out lighter than you’d expect, but these are pretty thick. So, they’re heavier than the earrings in the above photo.

I’m excited to finally have Poké Ball earrings for sale!  I have a few more pairs that can be listed on Etsy, so these three won’t be the last ones.  Do you like them?  Do you have any requests/suggestions for me?

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