Post-Game Emptiness

About a week ago, I beat Dragon Age II.  At first, I felt incredibly triumphant.


I had spent three months working through the Dragon Age saga, from DA:  Origins to Awakening and through the end of DA II.  All that work had paid off.


And then.


I now see that I have nothing work for!


Complete and total emptiness.

The same thing happened after I beat Kingdom Hearts the first time.  In fact, when I got to Hollow Bastion and End of the World, I was hoping they weren’t the last worlds because I never wanted the game to end.  It was just too much fun for me.

After I beat both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Tactics A2, I felt that emptiness.

When my husband beat Oblivion after 200+ hours of work, he felt a bit lost as to what to do next.

I shall henceforth dub this “post-game emptiness.”  This emptiness I am experiencing must be filled with something!

O hai, Portal.  Hey, Borderlands!  Long time no see!

Does anyone else feel a sort of emptiness after beating a long game like Dragon Age or Oblivion?

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