Rayman Origins Music Is Awesome – Too Bad Ubisoft is Kind of Douchey

My husband finished Rayman Origins a few weeks ago, and I was left feeling absolutely enamored with the game’s music.  It’s one part LocoRoco 2, one part whimsy, and every other part amazing.  I heard not a word of actual English spoken or sung in the game, but there’s a lot of Pig Latin and straight up gibberish.  I. Freaking. Love. It.  Here are a few of my favorite tracks.  They’re all pretty short, so give them a listen.

Sea of Serendipity ~ The Lums’ Dream (Glou Glou)

This one is surprisingly beautiful.  Truly, I have never heard such gorgeous gibberish.

The Tricky Treasure

This one makes me want to play banjo so badly!

Gourmand Land ~ Hellish Paradise

The best part starts at 0:39.  It’s so funny.

Desert of Dijiridoos ~ Shooting Me Softly

While this one starts out sounding epic, like a Romantic-era concerto or a big, impressive movie scene, it ends up hilarious and goofy.  The kazoo leaves me just plumb tickled, and I can’t think of any instrument better suited for accompanying Rayman riding on a giant mosquito.

World Map ~ Jibberish Jungle

Two words:  jawharp, bitches!

I hope you like this music as much as I do.  I also hope it makes you want to buy Rayman Origins.  Why?  Because, in so many words, Ubisoft basically said that it will base its decision of whether or not to fund Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the sales of Rayman Origins.  So, if you want Beyond Good & Evil 2 – I do, and all I did was watch someone else play it! – get yourself some Rayman Origins.  But, while I think Rayman Origins looks fun and great and all that jazz, and I want Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be finished already, I think it’s a pretty cheap trick from Ubisoft to hold one game hostage as a desperate effort to bring attention to Rayman.  Especially since Rayman Origins was released amidst the storm of hugely anticipated games like Skyrim, MW3, and Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Bad form, Ubisoft.

What do you think?  Do you like this music?  What do you think about Ubisoft holding Beyond Good & Evil 2 hostage?

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