Scheduling Video Game Time?

Edit:  Several years after I originally posted this, I reread it.  Trust me, it’s boring.  Don’t even bother reading it.  I might write a new – less boring – post about scheduling video game time sometime later.  In the meantime, go to my blog’s mission statement HERE and read about why I blog in the first place.  I hope to all things holy that my current writing is less boring.

To make up for the terrible boringness I originally posted here, here’s a really cute picture of my cats, Speck and Ibsen.

cat, kitty, tortoiseshell, tortie, maine coon, long hair, short hair, Speck, Ibsen, domestic shorthair, domestic longhair

Warning: cats in photo are even cuter than they appear.

End edit.  Commence the boring stuff.

This morning, I got up and moving around at about 10:30.  I literally dreamt for four hours that I was some dwarf in the Deep Roads from Dragon Age.  I kept hitting the snooze on my cell phone alarm when it went off every nine minutes because, in my dream, the alarm was going off to remind me to do something every nine minutes.  I don’t remember what I was doing every nine minutes in the dream, but it must have been awfully important.  What finally woke me up was our duplex neighbor knocking on our door.  Looks like I set that 6:30 a.m. alarm all for naught, seeing as how it didn’t even get the job done.  I suppose that’s what I get for playing Dragon Age well into the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, whenever I get up in the mornings, I immediately go for the Xbox.  I will turn on the TV and Xbox, start up some coffee, then play for a few hours before going about my other business.  I usually game, do a little housework, then go to work at the bookstore in the afternoon.  I try to lay off Xbox in the evenings since my husband likes to play when he gets home from work, and I have all day at home to game as much as I want without having to share.

This morning, however, my schedule got thrown off, and I was mucho sad panda.  There was some sort of maintenance on our internet around here this morning, so I couldn’t connect to Xbox Live.  I still could have played Dragon Age like I normally do, but if I earned an achievement, it wouldn’t be locked into my Xbox Live account.  I like to have my achievements attached permanently to my profile instead of just to our hard drive.  Considering the achievement issue I was having, I had the bright idea to play Cthulhu Saves the World, my new favorite Indie game.  (Indie games don’t have achievements.)  Then the Xbox hit me with reality:  you can only play Indie games while connected to Xbox Live.  Duh, Katy!  It really was quite the “durr!” moment on my part.  Forgetting that very important detail only raised my hopes right before dashing them to the ground.

On the bright side, I was inspired with a post idea!  Obviously, you’re reading the fruit of that inspiration.

I can get very uptight about how I spend my time once I make a schedule.  Even if I don’t write it down, I like to stick to the schedule I’ve created.  This includes gaming.  If my schedule gets thrown off, I sometimes get very antsy or even anxious.  Luckily, I utilized my time well this morning and actually did some much needed cleaning in the kitchen.  All the same, I didn’t like having my game time messed up!  I’ll have to make up for it by gaming doubly hard in the Deep Roads tonight.  I’m ultra psyched since I finally got Ohgren in my party, though some of his sexual chatter shocked me.  He straight up asked Alistair “What do you do with her legs?”

When my husband and I first started dating a few years ago, he would plan our dates around gaming time he had scheduled for himself.  It seemed weird to me at first, seeing as how I had never had anyone say to me “Sure, we can go for a walk tonight, but I’m gaming from nine to ten.”  Now I do the same thing sometimes!

Do any of you schedule gaming time?  Is it important to set aside a specific interval of time for yourself to play games, or do you just game whenever you feel like it?

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