This Isn’t A Real Post For Reasons

My posting schedule usually includes three posts a week. Typically, I publish them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, I’m not making a real post today for two reasons.

1) It’s April Fools Day. The internet becomes one massive prank on April Fools Day, and I’m not bothering with that monkey business.  After I publicize this stupid piece of writing, I’ll turn off the computer and show the internet my middle finger.

2) Tennis elbow (or whatever you want to call it) is nagging me again. Using a computer mouse makes it flare up, so I won’t do much computering for a few days. My tennis elbow got really painful this time last year from knitting in a way that put lots of stress on my elbow. I’ve since changed my knitting technique with fabulous results, but now my elbow is hurting again.  Crocheting (a lot of crocheting) and using the computer seem to be irritating the issue this time.

I’m avoiding crochet and computering and nearly every other fun activity to force my elbow on its ornery way to recovery, and there’s no telling when it’ll feel well enough for me to craft again.  That’s lamer than a one-legged donkey.  Crafting is one of the few things that keeps me sane functioning normally from killing stuff.

At least I can play my DS without much trouble.  Pokémon SoulSilver, here I come!

PS- I know that this post sucked, so here’s a picture of my mother-in-law’s dog, Charlemagne, being too tired to eat that piece of Easter ham.

charlemagne, Great Pyrenees, dog, white dog, big dog, tired dog, Easter ham

He ran around the neighborhood on an illicit adventure and had four of us chasing him in the rain. Then he had the nerve to look all cute and sweet once we got him home.  The toy poodle, Little Bear, at least had the good taste to not beg for attention after their illicit adventure.

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