What Is Happening?

When I started WildBlueYoshi, way back when it was a wee little blog on xanga with just a few subscribers, I intended only to write about video games.  Then, a year or two later, I added crafts and books to my blog topics, making for a really unique (read:  weird and not at all relatable) niche.  I read all the blogging advice columns I could find and tried like hell to find a comprehensible meaning of SEO.  But, nothing I did worked for me, and I felt like I was grappling to find topics I could write about.  It was all very forced, and I didn’t like it, and I ended up barely posting anything for nearly two years.

Now, I kind of don’t give a shit anymore.  I think I’ll blog about whatever I want, whenever I feel like it.  Topics will no doubt vary wildly, but I’ll still include way too many pictures of my kitties.  The second half of that last sentence is wholly unsurprising, I’m sure.  If you like that, cool.  If not, I’m sure there are plenty of cat videos you can find elsewhere to distract yourself from real life.  None of those cats are cuter than mine, though.  Just so you know.

This has been a useless PSA.  Please enjoy this picture of our foster kitten, Camellia, for whom I still haven’t found a home, even though she’s adorable.  (She’s evil, too, but I don’t exactly advertise that to potential adopters.)

cat, kitten, wildblueyoshi

“Hello. I’m Camellia and I destroy all of Mrs. Katy’s ponytail holders because I believe that they are the only thing more evil than I am.”

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About Katy Bug

I'm the author of the Wild Blue Yoshi blog, but my picky old cat is the real boss around here. When Speck isn't telling me what to do, I can concentrate on my favorite hobbies: playing video games, knitting, and crocheting. I'm also quite a bookworm and a music nerd. Sometimes I call myself "The Domestic Nerd." I love coffee way too much.

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