NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner!

I have a real knack for abandoning this blog for months on end.  I don’t do it on purpose.  Really and truly, I don’t.  Anyway, this latest absence has two explanations.  The first I will be vague about, because… reasons.  The online geek community has just been kind of toxic lately and I haven’t wanted to be a part of that.  I honestly don’t want to elaborate any further so let’s leave that one alone.

The second reason is that I’m a winner.

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I am winning so hard. Even if I am utterly exhausted and want nothing more than to sleep after thirty days of writing into the wee hours of every morning.

I did NaNoWriMo for the first time ever and I TOTALLY won!  Here’s the rundown, in case you don’t know:  NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month.  It’s a thing where you write a 50,000 word novel, or 50,000 words of a longer novel, in the month of November.  That averages to 1,667 words a day.  You “win” by simply writing 50,000 words!

I am slap worn out and can’t wait to go to sleep at a normal hour every night, but it was so worth it.  I have been writing original stories since I was, oh, ten?  Yet I’ve never finished anything worthwhile other than school papers and blog posts.  So, I wanted to do NaNo this year.  And I did it.  My crafts and other hobbies suffered terribly during November, but I wrote fifty.  Thousand.  Words.  I also created lots of characters who will eventually die horrible deaths.  No regrets, y’all.

Assuming that I work up the courage to reveal it publicly, I’ll try to make a post talking about my story.  In the meantime, I just wanted to brag about my accomplishment and explain my blogging absence.  That’s all.  I hope you all had a beautiful November.  Mwah!

Apparently I’m Playing “The Hunger Games Adventures” Again

I’m not sure why, but this is happening.  I haven’t exactly tried to hide my contempt for The Hunger Games Adventures.  I’m so confused.  Why is this happening?

Okay, honestly, what had happened was.  I got lost on the Hunger Games wiki and saw that a map of Panem from The Hunger Games Adventures (HGA) included District 3.  I don’t remember what article on the site included this map, but it got my brain wheels a-turning.  See, HGA only labels a district on its map if the player can actually travel to that district.  This meant that the player could go to District 3.  And if the player could go to District 3… Could I meet Beetee!?

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Beetee is the main reason that Catching Fire is my favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy. The other reasons are “It’s exciting” and “Finnick” and “Johanna.” (Why do I look like I’m trying to EAT the book, though?)

And that’s how I started playing this stupid timesuck of a facebook “game” after a nearly two year hiatus.  I say “game” because it’s really just another cleverly disguised storefront for nudging players into microtransactions.  Don’t believe me?  You poor, naive creature.  The game is obviously geared to take advantage of those with little patience and even less financial self control.

In the game, the player has a certain amount of energy.  Almost everything players do uses up a little bit of energy (the amount depends on what they’re doing).  The energy will regenerate very slowly over time.  There are also in-game items that players can make and use to regain a little energy.  Occasionally, small amounts will “drop” when the player completes a task, but that’s rare.  When you run out of energy, you can’t do much of anything until it regenerates.

Or, you can purchase an energy refill with credits instead of waiting around for it to regenerate.  How does one get credits?  The game occasionally – very occasionally – gives the player credits for certain actions.  I have 285 right now, but I’ve never purchased anything with them.  I’m pretty sure I got most of them just for starting my game.  The rest were probably promotional things from Home Depot or Taco Bell or some similarly stupid attempt at advertising.

But, if I wanted to take matters into my own hands, I could always purchase HGA credits with facebook credits.

hunger games adventures, facebook credits, stupid
Those facebook credits?  Yeeeah.  They cost real money.  Real money that could pay for real video games that are a million times better than artfully disguised, timesucking, wallet invasions.

hunger games adventures, facebook credits, stupid

God help the idiots willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for the world’s stupidest point and click adventure game.

I would be willing to put up with this mess for Beetee, though.

Beetee has become my favorite Hunger Games character – although I love Haymitch, Johanna, and Finnick almost as much – and I got excited at the prospect of meeting him.  He might ask me to do some stupid fetch quests!  Maybe I could help him with an invention, too.  This is too much.

Enter:  sad trombone.  There is no Beetee.  There is no Beetee.  THERE IS NO BEETEE.

All that pointless, dumbass clicking for nothing.

wildblueyoshi,, cat, speck, kitty, tortie, tortoiseshell, you are stupid

“That’s the saddest, stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”  –  Speck

And Beetee’s not the only Victor who has failed to appear.  The player goes to District 4, but there is no Finnick.  You even go to Finnick’s house and help his assistant clean the yard and pool area.  Ugh.  This is some bullshit, y’all.

Logically, I know it makes sense that you don’t meet Beetee or Finnick at this point in HGA.  When you go to Districts 3 and 4, the seventy-fourth Hunger Games is still going on.  This means that Victors are at the Capitol, mentoring their tributes, instead of doing their normal routines in the districts.

I still hope that Beetee will make an appearance, though.  What other reason is there for playing this dumb game?

No, seriously.  Please give me some justification for the fact that I’m still playing this game.

2011-01-27-Traps, traps, buttersafeHEY! THAT’S JUST MEAN!
Even if it does explain a lot…

Can you think of a nicer reason for why I’m still playing The Hunger Games Adventures?  Am I stupid for sitting through overly aggressive advertisements just to see if I’ll eventually run into my favorite characters?

Comic taken from Buttersafe. Used with permission. Click image for link to original post on

Bedhammer: A Story of Paranoia

It’s been a long time since I blogged about books and that makes me sad.  For this reason, I feel I should tell you the story of my Bedhammer.  Before I explain its connection to books, I want you to take a moment to observe Bedhammer in its natural habitat.

hammer, bedhammer, paranoia, books make me crazy sometimes,

It’s beautiful.

Bedhammer is a simple creature.  It waits on my bedside table every night just in case I need it.  Sometimes it joins me in the office, resting beside my computer.  Why?  Because I read a book, that’s why.  Specifically, this book:, mapping the trail of a crime, book, reader's digest, geographic profiling

(Image from Click image for my affiliate link to this book’s product page.)

I bought it as a Christmas present for my stepdad last year.  His interest in true crime made this book an excellent gift.  Before I wrapped it in a tacky paper grocery bag and stuck it under the Christmas tree, however, I cracked it open.  I randomly flipped to the section on Jeffrey Dahmer and my curiosity got the better of me. Continue reading

I’m Not The Only One Who Wonders About Pooping in the Hunger Games

If you ended up on my site because you want to know if or how the tributes in the Hunger Games pooped, you are not alone.  I’ve wondered this myself, and as of today, the stupid blog post I wrote about pooping in the arena is the second most viewed post on my site.  Obviously, fans of The Hunger Games desperately need to know how the tributes went potty.

Want proof?  Here are some search terms that brought people to my site today:

search terms, wildblueyoshi, hunger games, pooping, bathroom

That “8 views” looks awfully pitiful. *awkward turtle*

And yesterday:

search terms, wildblueyoshi, hunger games, pooping, bathroom

Six views? Really? I’m starting to feel kind of terrible.

Clearly, I’m not very popular.  Daily views hovering in the single-digits are nothing to brag about.  (I usually do better than that.  Just FYI.)  All the same, I’m surprised that people are so curious about pooping in the Hunger Games.  In a weird way, I’m comforted to know that I’m not alone in this.  I’ve always wondered “How would so-and-so in such-and-such book/movie/video game go to the bathroom?”  In fact, I’ve probably asked that question about every single story that I’ve read, watched, or played.  Thank goodness I’m not the only one.

You weirdos make me feel so much better about myself!

What are some other strange things you’ve wondered about a book, movie, or video game?

Boring Update Post

I figure I should fill you in on what I did during my accidental hiatus.  I can’t think of anything better to write about at the moment, so why not?

cat, kitty, tortoiseshell, tortie, feline, speck, wildblueyoshi

“Why not?  Cuz I’m cute, that’s why.  You should pet me and feed me instead.” Thanks for the encouragement, Speck!

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My “Domestic Nerd” Dichotomy and the Purpose of My Blog

I’ve been blogging under the WildBlueYoshi name for over two years now, but I think it’s time to explain what I’m doing.  The internet isn’t exactly swimming in blogs about both “nerdy” and “domestic” pursuits, yet here I am.  If you’re confused, that’s okay.  I’ve got a bit of a dichotomy thing going on.  Lemme ‘splain.

speck, ibsen, kitty, cat, tortoiseshell, tortie, maine coon, ginger, fuzzy cat, cute

Speck (left) and Ibsen (right) laying together like this form sort of a dichotomy, too.  Speck:  lazy old princess. Ibsen:  rambunctious young nuisance.  Opposites, yo!

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We Killed Our Tea Kettle And I Need Some Funnies

Do you have trouble getting up in the mornings?  If not, I envy you.  I can literally hit the snooze button for five hours or more.  A few months ago, though, I hit on a really great alarm system to force me out of bed in the mornings.  I simply asked Hubbles to start heating the tea kettle – which is always on the stovetop – and its eventual whistling would force me out of bed.  Since I make French press coffee every morning, the kettle’s annoying whistle is my signal for MOAR COFFEEZ!  When I heard that whistle, I’d roll out of bed to fix a little coffee and start my day.

can has moar coffee, coffee, kitten, cat, lolcat

I'm not quite this cute, though. Especially not in the morning.

Well, today, that plan backfired. Continue reading