The Destructoid Show Is Ending Soon; Sadness Ensues

Remember that time where I accidentally took a two month hiatus?  The one that ended like two days ago?  That didn’t just include this blog.  I hardly used the internet, other than tweeting (which doesn’t count because I use my phone for that).

During that hiatus I missed quite a few episodes of The Destructoid Show.  Which sucks, because I love The Destructoid Show.  It doubly sucks because the show’s very last episode will be airing this Friday.  The very last!  Say it ain’t so!

The announcement that rocked my world is toward the end of the video.  I can’t remember how to edit the video’s HTML code to make it start somewhere other than the beginning.  I’m too busy to bother figuring it out today, so STFU., mr destructoid, cry, tears

Mr. Destructoid cries twin waterfalls!

(I do not in any way own Mr. Destructoid. He is the mascot of, and I had ZERO PERCENT INPUT in his creation. I just think this picture I stupidly edited is amusing. Please don’t sue me.  PS- click photo to go directly to

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My Interesting Day in Video Games

So, uh, looks like I’ve been gone for awhile.  Derp!  Part of the reason I checked out of here for nearly two months is because I haven’t done much of anything interesting.  Well, not much that counts as domestic nerdery.  I’ve done other things that are plenty interesting.  The problem with those other things is that they greatly reduced the spare time I had for playing video games and crafting, not to mention writing about them.

But whatever.  I’ll fill you in on all that later…  Maybe.  No promises.

This Tuesday, however, I had two rare things happen in my gaming adventures.  Finally, something interesting! The first thing was in Borderlands 2, the second in Pokémon White.

cat, kitty, maine coon, ibsen, wildblueyoshi, cute

Somewhere along the way I took this goofy picture of Ibsen! That’s interesting to some degree, right?

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My “Domestic Nerd” Dichotomy and the Purpose of My Blog

I’ve been blogging under the WildBlueYoshi name for over two years now, but I think it’s time to explain what I’m doing.  The internet isn’t exactly swimming in blogs about both “nerdy” and “domestic” pursuits, yet here I am.  If you’re confused, that’s okay.  I’ve got a bit of a dichotomy thing going on.  Lemme ‘splain.

speck, ibsen, kitty, cat, tortoiseshell, tortie, maine coon, ginger, fuzzy cat, cute

Speck (left) and Ibsen (right) laying together like this form sort of a dichotomy, too.  Speck:  lazy old princess. Ibsen:  rambunctious young nuisance.  Opposites, yo!

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Looks Like I’m Gonna Play “I Am Alive”

Bonus Saturday post!  Are you excited?  Well I don’t care if you are or not, because I just received a fancy shmancy gift from my wonderful friend Marcy and surliness cannot touch me right now.  After I tweeted yesterday about wanting I Am Alive, Marcy just up and sent me a gift copy of it.  No wonder she was so insistent that I hurry up and accept her friend request on Steam.  She wanted to send me a game!

I have super great friends.

Once I get through Wizorb, I think I’ll attack I Am Alive as my new PC game.  I wasn’t doing that well with my More in March plans, anyway.

Although I didn’t get very far when I played the I Am Alive demo on Xbox 360, I was intrigued.  The gameplay was different from most anything I’d ever played (there aren’t many survival games in my arsenal) and very heavy on strategy.  Bleak, gray, post-apocalyptic stories are a weakness of mine, too.  What happened here?  It looks like a bomb busted everything to hell and back, but you never know.  My curiosity is officially piqued!  I’ll start on this as soon as I get a little free time.

Has anybody else around here played I Am Alive?  Do you have any quick tips for me?  If you want to play it but haven’t gotten it yet, here are some places you can get it:

Xbox Live Arcade
Amazon (PC Download)
On Steam – 66% off through tomorrow!

Four in February – Katy Bug’s Four

When I stumbled onto the Four in February initiative the other day, I absolutely fell in love with it.  In case you missed it, or didn’t read my first post about it, here’s the quick and dirty run-down:  beat four games in February.  Well, that’s not so much the “quick and dirty” rundown as much as it is the rundown.  There are no rules, so I’m including some games in my Four that I have already started but haven’t yet beaten.

borderlands 2, dlc, mr. torgue's campaign of carnage, captain scarlett and her pirate's booty, critter crunch, pokemon soulsilver, the legend of zelda, the wind waker, video games, four in february, 4iF

The Borderlands 2 DLC and Critter Crunch are digital copies, so I don’t have physical game cases to photograph for them. Instead, I printed out their digital “cover art” on our black and white printer and colored it myself.  Mr. Torgue and Captain Scarlett looked so cool in black and white that I only colored in a few details.  Also, my skills with colored pencils are quite limited.

Starting tomorrow, I’m all over these fine fellows.  Below, I’ve listed my reasons for choosing these, my personal goals/play style, and the game systems I’m playing them on.

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Practically Perfect! Cthulhu Saves the World – Final Review

I can’t lie:  I love Cthulhu Saves the World.  It was my game of choice on our Xbox 360 for a couple of weeks because even grinding was fun.  I may have made my husband hate it because of how often I excitedly chatted about it to him.  In my defense, there are some really good reasons I’ve fawned over it like a cat in heat.

Oh, Cthulhu, my hunky hero.

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