Ryuusei Den – Chapter 6, “Painful Partings”

Pallet Bunko

Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 6: Painful Partings

Shunkaku approached Toka, who had been waiting in the deserted marketplace.

“Where’s Kotoku?” Toka asked, as her eyes wandered around nervously.

“He told me to take you home.”

“Oh….” Toka said. “So the two of you made up, then?…”

“….Yeah.” Shunkaku lightly tapped on Toka’s back. “Come on. Let’s go back to camp. Tessoh must be worried about you.”


With a nudge from Shunkaku, Toka hurried with him along the path.

All the way back to camp, Shunkaku had been silent. When they reached the entrance to the mountains, he told her, “I won’t tell Tessoh that you were going there to see my brother. I’ll just tell him you were wandering around the town.”

Toka paused before she asked Shunkaku. “What are you gonna do from now on?”

“….Leave Basara.”

“What?!” Toka stopped dead in her tracks and stared at her bandana’ed escort in disbelief.

“The misunderstanding with Aniki is cleared up, so we’re gonna live together from now on.”

“You can’t!….” Worry sounded in Toka’s voice. “Shunkaku, are you just gonna betray your friends now? You’ve been with them for three years, right? You can’t abandon them now; they’re about to start a revolution!”

Shunkaku nodded. “I hate to have to do this to everyone, but I’m sure that if I just talk to Tessoh about it, he’ll understand…”

“No he won’t. You’re Basara’s number one soldier. Are you saying you’re gonna just leave my Nii-chan after all he’s done for you?!”

“……Toka,” Shunkaku said quietly. “If you’re gonna ask me that, then why did you tell me you knew about my brother? Doesn’t that mean you were trying to bring us together?”

Toka felt trapped. The day she had first seen a boy who looked exactly like Shunkaku playing a flute, her heart had nearly stopped. At the gentle sound of the flute, all hate seemed to evaporate out of her body. Then she learned that the nice boy playing the flute was Shunkaku’s twin. Every time Toka had seen the poor boy who was desperately looking for his lost brother, her heart ached.

If I had just told him “you’re little brother is doing well”, Kotoku would have been overjoyed. But I couldn’t say that…Why do you have to be Shunkaku’s brother! Why? Why?….

But today, in front of Toka’s sad eyes, the twins had been reunited. Toka’s mind was torn. Am I really okay with letting Shunkaku go back to his brother?….No. I can’t let that happen.

Toka slowly shook her head. “Why don’t you two run off together after the revolution? If we’re gonna kill Nakago, we’ll need your power.”

“Nakago?!” Shunkaku’s eyes popped out.

“Nii-chan probably didn’t tell you, but the name of the Shogun that Basara is targeting is ‘Nakago’. He also happens to be a Seiryuu Seishi.”

Toka swiftly walked past Shunkaku, who was struck dumb. “So anyway, we need your weapon.” Toka suddenly frowned, noticing that the ryuuseisui were not in Shunkaku’s hands. He left his weapon behind…so he’s really gonna desert Basara?….

Suddenly Toka, though she was used to the mountain trails, tripped and skidded down the slope.


Shunkaku speedily caught her before she hit the ground.

“…..Are you okay?” He gently steadied the girl.

Their eyes met. For an instant, Toka could have sworn it was Kotoku holding her, and not Shunkaku.


The boy evaded her gaze.

“You really are….a nice guy, aren’t you….” Toka whispered. “Because you’re Kotoku’s brother, huh…. The younger twin of that nice boy who plays the flute…..”

Basara’s camp was now visible. Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Chapter 5, “The Pride of a Seishi”

Pallet Bunko

Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 5: The Pride of a Seishi


Shunkaku appeared in Tessoh’s tent and waited impatiently for what Tessoh had to tell him.

“Don’t give me that look, Shunkaku. I’m not giving you a scolding today; I’m giving you an order.”

“An order?”

When Shunkaku heard this, excitement bubbled up inside of him. Was Tessoh finally going to give the order to attack? He tightly clenched a fist around his ryuuseisui, and anxiously awaited Tessoh’s order.

“I want you to follow Toka.”


“I said, I want you to follow Toka.”

“What the hell?”

“I noticed she’s been leaving camp a lot lately. I’m worried about her.”

“……..Shit!” All energy deflated from Shunkaku’s body. “Why don’t’cha have Chama do that?”

“Chama has more important things to do. He’s giving us our final intelligence report.”

Scowling at Chama Lee, who was at his usual place by Tessoh’s side, Shunkaku turned his nose up in the air.

“Hey boss, isn’t it obvious she’s sneaking out to see her lover?”

“Shunkaku!…” Chama reprimanded.

“If that is the case, then you may deal with him as you wish,” Tessoh told him.

“Cool. So I can kill him if I want, huh.” Shunkaku fondly fingered his ryuuseisui and laughed through his nose. “Don’t worry, little ones, you’ll soon get to taste blood again.”

“Anyway, once you’ve discovered where Toka has been going, report that to me. Okay?”

“Hmm, seems like I’m a detective assigned to find out if your wife’s cheating on you.”

After Shunkaku had swaggered out the tent, Tessoh whispered to his assistant.

“Lee, if the revolution is a success, what will you do?”

Chama Lee thought for a while before he spoke.

“I will tell you and Shunkaku….about my past….”

“I see…”

Tessoh knew that Chama Lee’s past was a subject which could not be dealt with until there was peace in the country.

“What about you, Tessoh?”

“Hmm, good question… I guess the first thing I want to do is buy a pretty kimono for Toka…. Hmhm, what a stupid dream, huh.”

Chama looked on silently at Tessoh as he laughed.

A while later, after the sun was just peeking over the eastern side of the mountains, Shunkaku followed Toka down the trail.

And then, from the opposite side of the mountains surrounding Basara’s camp, another person entered. The person scanned over the military base and secretly smiled. Then, the person quietly slipped into the farthest tent to the right. Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Chapter 4, “The Girl in Basara”

Pallet Bunko

Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 4: The Girl in Basara

“Charge!!” At the shout of that command, the mountains began to shake; perhaps it would be more correct to say that the trees themselves began to move.

The soldiers, with their bodies clothed in camouflage battle gear and their heads covered with twigs, leaped in unison. They then proceeded to kick and slash at the manikins that were laid out for them. With a fierce battle cry, the manikins flew up into the air and were slashed to pieces.

“Okay! Regroup!” The leader commanded his troops in a sharp voice.

The thirty-eight troops ran like the wind, and in seconds, were kneeling by Sho Tessoh’s feet. His troops were all just around fifteen years of age.

They were “Basara”, a guerilla squad of over thirty members. Their leader, Tessoh, was just barely nineteen years old himself. But his long hair tied back with a ribbon, and eyes sparkling with determination on his fearless face, defied his age, giving him the appearance of an adult.

He addressed his boys. “X-Day is nearing. Be alert, gentlemen!”

“’Sir!” In unison, the boys’ voices echoed throughout the mountains.

After the boys dispersed and headed back for their tents, a boy of small build appeared at Tessoh’s side. With his exotic brown skin, hair, and eyes, he appeared as though he were from some foreign land

“Tessoh, I worry about him…” the strangely accented boy spoke gravely.

Tessoh let out a sigh. “I’m not too pleased about him either, Chama Lee.”

The two shrugged their shoulders in discouragement.

“By the way, he still hasn’t noticed about that yet, has he?”

“No, sir. I think that is still okay.”

Before their eyes, high up in a zelkova tree, sat a boy. He seemed to be engrossed in whacking twigs off the branches with iron spheres he had attached to a rope.


When the boy heard himself being called, he stopped his mindless pastime. As if he had been disturbed from a very important task, he answered.

“What the hell do you want, Tessoh? I’m busy.”

“No questions! Get down from there and come to my tent, Shunkaku!”

Without even an “excuse me”, Shunkaku violently swatted Tessoh’s tent flap open. With his ball-like weapon slung over his shoulder, he swaggered over to Tessoh, who was seated in the corner of his tent. Shunkaku, with a thin band tied around his forehead, possessed an aggressive aura, that if touched, threatened to cut up a person.

“Tessoh, you know I can’t stand lectures and scolding, right?”

Tessoh questioned the fiercely-eyed boy. “Shunkaku, Tell me why you wanted to join Basara.”

“I’m not here ‘cause I want to, but ‘cause you need me.” Shunkaku answered arrogantly. “If it wasn’t for me, Basara’d be nothing more than a Mickey Mouse operation.”

“Is that so. My, you seem to be awfully confident in yourself.”

“Yeah, so don’t make me do such boring training along with the others!”

“This time is crucial for us, Shunkaku. Tessoh worries that Basara’s morale drops,” Chama Lee interjected. As well as being Tessoh’s assistant, he was the brains behind Basara.

“…..Hmph.” With a snort through his nose, Shunkaku turned his back on the two. “I don’t know if this’s a revolution, or what, but I can do it all by myself.”

“If that’s how you feel, then why don’t you leave Basara and do it yourself.”

Shunkaku was trapped by Tessoh’s logic.

“Go ahead into Kutoh’s palace with your ryuuseisui and take over the country.”

Shunkaku stood silently in defeat.

“Listen, Shunkaku. If we’re going to start a revolution, we need the help of every member of this squad. I know that you are stronger than the other members, but that doesn’t mean you can do it all by yourself.”

Tessoh firmly gripped Shunkaku’s chin and turned his face towards him. “The reason I bought you three years ago when you were still weak and pitiful, was because I saw rage in your eyes. It was an incurable rage towards Kutoh for ruining your life.”

“….Yeah, that’s right!” Shunkaku agreed hotly. If there was no Civil War, my parents wouldn’t’ve died. Then I wouldn’t’ve had to go to that hell-hole, Koh’s house…..and I wouldn’t’ve been betrayed by my brother…. Shunkaku’s shoulders shivered.

“Everyone here is just like you: orphaned from the war with no place to go. Lee and I are the same. We all have anger in our hearts that we don’t know how to get rid of.” Tessoh continued. “The Civil War is over, but judging by the way things are going, this country’s only getting worse. We can’t get rid of the weed without attacking the root. Understand?”

“Of course I do. We’re gonna kill that bastard who calls himself an Emperor, right?” Shunkaku said.

“Exactly. And in order to do that, we need your help, and the help of everyone else here. And the thing that will determine our outcome in the end is our trust for one another.”


“I don’t know how you feel about me, but I trust you, Shunkaku. Chama does, too. And probably everyone else does, too. So don’t betray us…we’re on your side.”

Shunkaku raised his face with a soft gasp. Shunkaku had not thought about trusting anyone for a very long time. The idea that people were depending on him was new, too.
Tessoh smiled down at Shunkaku. “Shunkaku, ever since you came here, you’ve gotten much stronger. I was definitely right in giving you ryuuseisui instead of a sword. I’ve never seen a man use it as skillfully as you. I’m sure you were born for the ryuuseisui.”

When Tessoh told him this, Shunkaku’s eyes fell on his weapon.

Three years ago, Koh had tied him up and dragged him out of the house. He had been handed over to a mysterious young man with a black cloth wrapped around his face. That man was Tessoh.

Then Shunkaku had been taken by Tessoh into a small cottage deep in the mountains. There were two other scrawny boys there with him. One of them was Chama Lee.

The next day, Tessoh had approached Shunkaku. “I noticed you were whirling that hoe well in the fields yesterday,” he said, as he handed the mysterious weapon, ryuuseisui, to Shunkaku.

When Shunkaku heard the part of the name that means “shooting star”, “ryuusei”, his face stiffened for an instant, but he quickly shook it out.

Shooting stars don’t mean anything to me anymore….

At first, the heavy iron in the weapon made it hard for him to lift, but as the days went by, the ryuuseisui began to move as if they were a part of Shunkaku’s body. Then, before he knew it, the iron balls moved wherever he commanded them to.

He also put noticeable muscle on his once scrawny body, and eventually became a normal, healthy boy who never got sick. He had slowly been gaining confidence in his own strength as well, thinking I’m not wimpy or a crybaby anymore, and I’m the strongest man in the world…

And as a key member of the only guerilla resistance group left battling against the Kutoh government, he grew stronger and braver everyday.

“Shunkaku. Fight along side us,” Tessoh commanded, peering into the boy’s eyes.

Shunkaku nodded silently.

“You may go now…”

Without giving an answer, Shunkaku turned his back on Tessoh.


A dagger had whizzed past Shunkaku; and impaled its self into the tent pole.

Shunkaku turned his head back in astonishment. The dagger had grazed his shoulder, just barely missing his flesh.

“Lazy ass. We cannot allow imprudence in guerilla warfare.” Tessoh fiercely looked down at Shunkaku.

“……..Shit!” Shunkaku fled the tent angrily.

When Shunkaku was out of earshot, Chama Lee spoke. “Tessoh, you lied to Shunkaku, you know.”

“I did?”

“Yes…about why you brought him to Basara.”

“Oh, that…” Tessoh folded his arms. “It’s true that I originally bought Shunkaku to use as a hostage, but now he’s become too useful to our cause…”

Chama Lee stared at him in silence.

“Well, anyway, we can’t let Shunkaku know about any of this. According to our original plan, he’s still our last resort.”

“…..You do have point there.”

“Lee, the government still doesn’t know where our military base is, right?”

“No. Not as yet.”

The government was aware of the existence of Basara. In order to avoid being raided, it was crucial for Basara to change their military headquarters frequently.

“And what did the patrollers say?”

“They say it be another two to three days.”

“So I guess it’s finally coming, huh,” Tessoh said as he narrowed his determined eyes.

Suddenly, a girl with a black cloth wrapped around her face quietly entered the tent.

“I have funds for the soldiers,” she said, handing a pouch full of coins to Tessoh.

“Where’d you get this?”

“I still had a little left over from the last looting we did….”


Tessoh blew a sigh out as he looked at the coins in his hand. Basara acquired living expenses through thievery. Chama Lee would scout out the villages in the valleys for those worthwhile to plunder, and then Tessoh would send troops down to collect food and supplies. The people Basara robbed, be they black-hearted bribers, or war profiteers, were simply robbed for their money. But Tessoh knew that in the eyes of this girl, they were all murderers who deserved to die.

“You won’t have to do things like this anymore for much longer,” Tessoh comforted the girl as he removed the cloth from her face. “But I’ve been worried about you leaving camp as often as you do now. It’s dangerous, so don’t stay out too long, okay?”

“Okay, Nii-chan.”

Tessoh gently stroked his little sister’s head. “Pretty soon, you won’t have to live this kind of lifestyle anymore…. after we kill Nakago. Okay? Toka.” Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Chapter 3, “Flute of Destruction”

Pallet Bunko

Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 3: Flute of Destruction

The girl walked along the alley of the war destroyed city. She stopped at the corner. Before her stood the charred remains of a house. On the slashed doorplate read the name “Shin”.

The girl stood in front of this house for quite some time. Her thin body, which was clothed in tattered garments, looked like that of a boy, but her glossy, black hair and her rosy cheeks held the beauty of a loveable girl.

A tear rolled out of one of her large, slanted eyes. Not bothering to wipe it, she whispered.

“Dad, Mom…. It won’t be long now. It won’t be long now, okay?…”

Clenching both fists tightly, the girl turned her back on the house. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks.


The girl’s ears perked up. She heard something that felt very calming….like the sound of a flute. As if in a trance, the girl began to walk toward the source of the sound.

The boy was leaning against a boulder in the marketplace of the dead city, playing his flute with his head solemnly bowed. The mysterious melody of the flute floated through the air; almost as if it were the only living thing left in the city.

The boy suddenly looked up from his playing and removed the flute from his lips.

There was a girl a few yards away from him, staring at him. When their eyes met, the girl fearfully walked towards him. When she arrived within touching distance, the girl slowly looked the boy over from the top of his head down to his toes.

“…..What do you want…” The boy asked suspiciously.

The girl snapped back to her senses. “Uh, well… I like that tune you were just playing…” she answered frankly.


“What’s it called?”

“It doesn’t have a name. I just play what I feel…”

“Ohhh… Wow, that’s cool; you adlib it, huh.” The girl’s eyes sparkled. “Are you making a living by playing the flute?”


“But there’s no one around here. Why don’t you go play somewhere else, where there’s a palace or something?” In saying that, the girl reached into her pocket. “Here’s some money… because I just listened to you.”

The boy smiled slightly and pushed her hand away. “You don’t have to pay…” His smile was warm and gentle, and yet at the same time, it was sad.

“My name’s Toka. What about you?”

At the girl’s question, the boy answered softly. “….Kotoku.”

“So you’re an orphan from the war, too, huh…” Toka lowered her voice.

Kotoku stole a glance at the fourteen-year-old girl sitting next to him on the boulder.

“So your parents died six years ago?… Mine died just last year…”

“….Are you living alone?” Kotoku asked Toka.

“Nope, I’m living with my big brother…”


At Kotoku’s flat response, this time Toka asked a personal question. “Kotoku, do you have any brothers or sisters?”


Toka awkwardly rose to her feet. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be so nosy. You don’t have to tell me.”

“No, I don’t mind,” Kotoku told her as he gazed at the sunset. “I…had a little brother, but I left him…three years ago.”

Kotoku noticed that Toka was staring at him again. When their eyes met, Toka smiled.

“Oh, so that’s all. So he didn’t die or anything. That means you’ll see him again some day.”


“I mean, the Civil War is stopping now, so don’t be so glum! Well, I’ve gotta go now. Thanks for letting me hear your flute!” Toka said with a wave of her hand as she ran off like the wind.

A month had passed since Kotoku had made himself a home under the stone bridge of that deserted city. Even though Shunkaku had been sold three years ago, Kotoku still never gave up searching for him.

To every person he met, he would ask “Have you seen my younger twin? He’s sickly and shy…”; but no one had ever seen such a boy.

Kotoku feared that as Sou had said, Shunkaku might have died just after he was sold. But it wasn’t only his brother who could not be found. The lonely years passed without any sign of Seiryuu no Miko’s ki.

Then one day, Kotoku had found this dead city.

He found comfort in playing his flute to himself in the ruins. Perhaps it was because this city bore a resemblance to the village in which he was raised.

It was also in this city that he also met Toka. Just as she had said, Kutoh’s Civil War was now under much better control than it was when Kotoku had been living at Kou’s house.

Kotoku also heard rumors that under the leadership of Kutoh’s new, young Shogun, the military was growing stronger. The Civil War was no longer a threat to the country, but it almost seemed that the strong military was gaining control of the government.

The citizens of Kutoh were still restless and in poverty.

“I wonder if Kutoh has any hope of becoming peaceful….” Kotoku whispered forlornly.

The next day…
While playing his flute and taking in the sunset in the abandoned marketplace, Kotoku felt a long shadow hovering over him.


Kotoku looked up at the owner of the shadow.


“I’m ba~ack. I thought you’d be here…” Toka said as she plopped down next to Kotoku. “Don’t stop playing…. I can’t really explain it, but…it brings back happy memories and calms me down.”

Kotoku nodded and readied his fingers on the flute.

In the sunset, the silhouettes of the boy and girl who had lost their parents in the war vibrated to the melody of the flute.

“Hey, Kotoku. Have you heard of the legend of the Seiryuu Seishi?”

Kotoku’s flute suddenly squeaked.

“AH! Wha, what happennnnned?!”

“Uh, sorry…My finger slipped a little….ahaha. Well, to make up for that, I’ll play this tune!”
Kotoku piped out a whimsical melody.

“Aaaah, that’s the melody the ramen-seller plays! Damn, Kotoku, you’re pretty silly!”

The two laughed heartily.

“Hey, don’t you ever wonder why the Seiryuu Seishi haven’t been gathered together yet?” Toka pestered.

“…..Yeah…I guess so.”

“I mean, if they had assembled and found the Miko much sooner, then we wouldn’t have had to lose our parents, would we.”

“….I guess….so…. But don’t you think it would be hard assembling seven people?…”

“Yeah, you’re right. And they can’t do anything without the Miko anyway.”


“But if one of the Seishi appeared in front of me right now, I’d grab him by the ear and demand why he’s just sitting around and not trying to save the country.”

Beads of sweat popped up on Kotoku’s forehead.

“Juuuust kidding! I’d probably actually get all excited and ask for his autograph.”


Autograph, huh… Kotoku fantasized this scene in his head for an instant until his thoughts were broken by Toka.

“Hey, play some more for me,” she pestered. “I could just sit here and listen forever….to your flute….”

“Ah….okay. As you wish.”

Kotoku brought the flute to his lips once again. Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Chapter 2, “Shunkaku’s Awakening”

Pallet Bunko

 Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 2: Shunkaku’s Awakening

Kotoku stared at his little brother, who was deep in sleep.

Yet again teased by the girls and worked like a mule all day to the point of exhaustion, Shunkaku was finally able to sleep in peace.

Kotoku paused. Then, he slowly lifted up Shunkaku’s shabby clothes, exposing his upper-body. As he feared, there was still no blue symbol on his twin’s shoulder.

Three years had come and gone since they were brought to that house. And each new day that came was spent toiling the soil. Kotoku had hoped their lifestyle would improve, but it had just been getting worse and worse.

On top of Kutoh’s army splitting into sub-groups and fighting amongst one another, anti-government guerillas were popping up all over the country. Wherever there were soldiers there were killings. The innocent peasants were often dragged into these conflicts, and in this very village, fields were often burned.

And because of this, Kotoku’s and Shunkaku’s chores increased. Even if sick with a very high fever, Shunkaku was dragged out into the field and worked until he collapsed. And whenever Kotoku could not be there to save him, he would share his ki with Shunkaku later in the night.

“I just know a peaceful world will come someday. And when it does, let’s run away from here together. But until that happens, let’s hang in there…”

And then Shunkaku would always answer meekly, “Okay. I can do it as long as you’re with me, Nii-chan.” Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Chapter 1, “The Twins’ Tragedy”

Pallet Bunko

 Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 1: The Twins’ Tragedy

“Oh! It’s a shooting star….” It was then that nine-year-old Bu Kotoku witnessed a star streak across the dusk sky. In the next instant, Kotoku witnessed flames burst up from around where the star had landed. Tossing his shopping basket full of vegetables on the ground, he bolted down the path that lead to his house.

And then, many minutes later, Kotoku stopped in front of the entrance to the village in which he had been born and raised. Bloody corpses were piled up in an sea of fire. Cries of death could be heard.

Gritting his teeth, Kotoku stumbled towards his house.

“Dad! Mom! Shunkaku!!”

Kanri, his father, had returned home early today as it was his wife’s birthday. The family of four would be able to enjoy this evening together; something which they had not been able to do for some time. Kotoku’s mother, busy with preparations for supper, had sent Kotoku out alone to do the shopping, leaving his feverish brother, Shunkaku, at home to rest.

“Return safely”, she had said as he left the house.

The twins had usually gone to the market place in the neighboring village together, holding hands as they went. It had only been one hour since Kotoku’s mother had sent him off out of the warm, cozy house….

That once peaceful scene was now no where to be found.

Kotoku’s house had been mercilessly smashed, and the front door was surrounded in red flames. Not appearing to give this a second thought, Kotoku ran into the house. Continue reading

Ryuusei Den – Introduction

Pallet Bunko

 Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi



Kotoku, Shunkaku, listen well.

When your poor mother gave birth to you two, it was very painful. But when your two precious faces appeared before our eyes, we felt like we were ascending to the Heavens. Boys, in this village, twins are thought of as important protecting-deities. Mother and Father are so proud of you.

But not only because of that.

We thought that perhaps you were not only protecting-deities of this village, but maybe also protecting-deities of this country….Mother and Father thought this when we saw you two.

Your lives are gifts from the Heavens. No matter what happens, help each other, love each other, and live strongly. Even if you two should be separated physically, link your souls together as one.

However, if you should see a shooting star, that is a gloomy sign that bears tidings of your separation. When that happens, you shall fight with your life on the line. Kotoku shall protect Shunkaku, and Shunkaku shall protect Kotoku in return.

You boys are our pride and joy; because….you are Kutoh’s pride and joy….

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