Donkey Kong 64 Is Not Optional

Listening to music while I write is something I’ve always done.  Instrumental stuff is ideal for me now because lyrics tend to distract me.  Know what doesn’t usually have lyrics?  Video game music!  Luckily, YouTube has quite a bit of awesome video game OSTs.  In fact, last week, I stumbled on the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack and listened to the entire thing.  Now I want to play the game again.  Problem?  I never owned a copy of it to begin with.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Except that it IS a barrel of monkeys. And apes. YEAH.

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Music Highlight: Traverse Town Theme from Kingdom Hearts

When I was fifteen, I got a PS2 for Christmas.  Shortly thereafter, I got Kingdom Hearts.  It’s still one of my favorite games.  Yes, it’s plenty silly and plenty cheesy, but it’s sweet charm and fun gameplay rooted it in my heart for good.  One of the best things about Kingdom Hearts, if not the best thing, is the music.  The theme that’s always been my favorite is the Traverse Town music.  It’s light, simple, and fun background music is perfectly suited to the town.  Traverse Town is a haven for those from worlds that have been taken by the darkness, and its theme music is sweet and comforting.

Wizard Needs Food, Badly

Anyone who becomes acquainted with me for any length of time will quickly find out two things about me:  1) Queen is my most favoritest band ever in the world, and 2) Five Iron Frenzy is a very close second.

I’m sure that the majority of my readers are at least somewhat familiar with Queen, if for no other reason than that the lead singer was a gay man who died of AIDS twenty years ago.  Side note – Freddie Mercury was an amazing musician, and deserves to be remembered for more than his sexuality or the illness that killed him.

As for Five Iron, I usually assume that most people I meet haven’t heard of them, but they are super duper awesome.  Several of Five Iron’s songs talk about being a big nerd, one of which is Wizard Needs Food, Badly.  It’s on their album “The End Is Here.” I’ve included the super cute video for your pleasure.

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