Ryuusei Den – Chapter 1, “The Twins’ Tragedy”

Pallet Bunko

 Fushigi Yuugi Novel #4

-Ryuusei Den-

(“The Legend of Shooting Star”)

Based on the comics by: Watase Yuu

Written by: Nishizaki Megumi

Chapter 1: The Twins’ Tragedy

“Oh! It’s a shooting star….” It was then that nine-year-old Bu Kotoku witnessed a star streak across the dusk sky. In the next instant, Kotoku witnessed flames burst up from around where the star had landed. Tossing his shopping basket full of vegetables on the ground, he bolted down the path that lead to his house.

And then, many minutes later, Kotoku stopped in front of the entrance to the village in which he had been born and raised. Bloody corpses were piled up in an sea of fire. Cries of death could be heard.

Gritting his teeth, Kotoku stumbled towards his house.

“Dad! Mom! Shunkaku!!”

Kanri, his father, had returned home early today as it was his wife’s birthday. The family of four would be able to enjoy this evening together; something which they had not been able to do for some time. Kotoku’s mother, busy with preparations for supper, had sent Kotoku out alone to do the shopping, leaving his feverish brother, Shunkaku, at home to rest.

“Return safely”, she had said as he left the house.

The twins had usually gone to the market place in the neighboring village together, holding hands as they went. It had only been one hour since Kotoku’s mother had sent him off out of the warm, cozy house….

That once peaceful scene was now no where to be found.

Kotoku’s house had been mercilessly smashed, and the front door was surrounded in red flames. Not appearing to give this a second thought, Kotoku ran into the house. Continue reading